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Created by: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Australia 6-1011+

Started: July 19th, 2018

Status: Active, 253 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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Saving seahorses and fairy circles
11:22 | June 2nd, 2023

On the show today, we’re going to meet some white seahorses. Then we’ll find out how fairy circles are made. After that we’ll take a look at some backyard fungi that can eat plastic. Before we take a trip to another galaxy and learn about a new planet. And then we meet a Diamantiasaurus.

Poisonous plants and Sorry day
May 26th, 2023

On the show today, we’re going to take a look at how the stinging plant might take the sting out of pain. Then we’ll travel around Australia with a man on a special scooter. Next, we’ll meet a white echidna. After that, we’ll say Sorry and talk about Reconciliation. nd then we discover how human hair can help plants grow.

Educational emoji’s and wily wombats
11:31 | May 19th, 2023

On the program today, we’re going to meet an endangered hairy nose wombat. Then we’ll learn how a first nations language is using emoji’s. Next, we’ll find out about Global Accessibility Awareness Day. After that, we’ll train a very special camera on a super massive black hole. And finally, we talk to plants.

Lizard lips and magical mushrooms
11:33 | May 12th, 2023

On today’s program, we’re going to discover a dinosaur that may not have been quite as scary looking as we think. Then hear about an Australian choir singing for the new king. Next, we’ll go to a modern art show. Just before we head outdoors to celebrate International plant health day. And then we’ll discover some magical glowing mushrooms.

Stella’s statue and snazzy spacesuit
May 5th, 2023

On the program today, we’re going to visit a special statue.  Then meet an 8 year old dog trainer! Next we’ll size up the new space suit that’s being made for the next moon landing. We’ll find out about a special program designed to make school more fun for kids in Perth. And then we’ll meet a giant eagle.

Musk duck and Copepod creatures
11:16 | April 28th, 2023

On today’s show,  we’re going to meet a duck that’s far from home, We’’ll learn about a program which is helping Indigenous teenagers become the first high school graduates in their families. We’ll take a trip to western NSW and visit what’s soon to be the state’s biggest national park. Before we head into space and find out what bush tucker might grow on the international space station. And we meet a 97 year old zoologist who’s discovered more than 40 new creatures.

Venus volcanoes and trapdoor spiders
11:22 | April 21st, 2023

A trapdoor spider is named after the burrow it builds – they don’t build webs, strung high between trees – they build tunnel-like burrows underground – that has a hatch or round door on the top – about the size of a 50 cent piece.

Pilbra pup and fast finswimmers
12:12 | April 14th, 2023

On today’s show, we’re going to learn how to finswim! We’ll take a trip to outer space and find out why the world celebrates space travel. Back on earth, we’ll meet a very lucky dog! And then take a peek at some fashionable chickens. And finally, we will meet and champion driver, who’s blind.

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by sunsmith

Created by: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Started: July 19th, 2018
Status: Active, 253 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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