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I’m making this site primarily for my kids. Over the last year they’ve gained a huge love of podcasts through shows like Finn Caspian, Becoming Mother Nature, Story Pirates and more. They’ve grown environmentally conscious through Earth Rangers and Animal Sound Safari. And their critical thinking is coming on leaps and bounds thanks to the Big Fib. Chompers, well that’s just all around fun for toothbrush time.

As we’ve discovered new shows our podcast app has gotten busy, but it’s me that tends to have to find new things to listen to because, well, there’s just so much content out there and the kid specific stuff gets lost in amongst everything else. We’ve used google, but that’s a whole world of getting sidetracked and just not as easy (or as much fun) as having a bit of autonomy and being let loose in a walled garden to discover something themselves.

That’s what I’m hoping to build here at Sound Carrot, a place where it’s quick for parents to find quality content and somewhere easy for kids to browse shows that are safe for them to listen to.

What started as a simple list for my daughter has grown into two distinct experiences. On the one hand there’s the web, where I’ve aimed to keep everything fairly simple and clear cut. Whilst on mobile I’ve made given things more of an app like experience.

You get all of the same content on desktop and mobile, with episodes, bookmarks, reviews, browsing and so on as you’d expect, but the experience changes…


Hopefully you’ll agree it’s all well thought out and designed to get you to shows you’re family will enjoy quickly.


Aside from a tweaked layout the mobile version of the site does add one thing: the ability to Cast episodes to compatible speakers. So if you have Google home you’ll be able to quickly fling audio at those speakers, and if you want you can use the ‘add to home screen’ link to install it like an app for even easier access.

Aside from visual tweaks and the ability to Cast the mobile experience offers everything desktop does.

The only other way to change how you use the website is registering with us for an account. You don’t have to, but if you do then you’ll gain access to a Hub where you can keep track of things like bookmarks, likes and any reviews you place.

Bookmarks let you save a note of episodes you want to listen to in future, or keep track of where what you listened to last. Likes has episodes you enjoyed, and reviews lists any reviews you left – you get the idea.

Personally I think this is a must have and I’d immediately click here to register if I wasn’t already; but there’s nothing stopping you from using the website whilst logged out and no content is locked away.

Lastly, to M, T, this is for you 🙂

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