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December 5th, 2022

It's England v France in the world cup quarter final! What have we got to look forward to? Who are the players to look out for? How many times have the teams played each other? Who has won the most games? It's all in here in this episode! 

Red Panda – The Mind Master chapter 10
December 5th, 2022

Celebrating our 18th season of audio adventure!

Rise in the Light of the Moon
December 5th, 2022

Be sure to listen to the Bonus Episode “A Tiny Kernel of Loneliness” before listening to “Rise in the Light of the Moon”

Little Foot’s Mindful Walk Story Meditation For Kids
December 5th, 2022

In tonight’s story, we rejoin our good friend Little Foot the Yeti. Little Foot is having one of THOSE days. You know those days when you’ve got oodles and oodles of thoughts swirling inside your head and you just don’t know how to slow them down? Well, wisely Little Foot’s mum suggests he goes on a mindful walk in the snow, saying it will help him to relax and then his busy thoughts will settle down. Snuggle on down and let’s join Little Foot as he goes on a peaceful walk through a beautiful, snow-covered forest.

The Man Who Lived In Reverse
December 5th, 2022

His up was your down. Your loose was his tight. And when people were wrong, he did what was right. This very silly, rhyming poem for children explores what happens when you look at things differently and accept people for who they are. It’s perfect for children & nerdlihc of all ages. 😉

Snarling Saltwater Crocodiles
December 5th, 2022

Ann is using her binoculars to try and spot someone who is very good at camouflage along the Ord River in WA. She’s glad to be safe in a boat – as these animals have the world’s strongest bite.

Mirths and Monsters presents-A kidnapped Santa Claus by L Frank Baum
December 5th, 2022

Hello all, for this month of December I’ll be releasing a Christmas related episode each Monday plus a little something extra on Christmas day.

BITE – Cartoon Violence
December 5th, 2022

If you love watching cartoons where the good guys battle the bad, it probably has fighting, explosions, and maybe guns too.

BITE – Friends with Teacher
December 5th, 2022

Friends are like flowers. There are lots of different ones out there, but you pick a couple to be your favourites.

BITE – Truth Telling
December 5th, 2022

What if your friend asks if their shirt looks cool and you don’t think it does? Or your dad asks if you like his gift, but you actually don’t?

The year that was – funniest and most interesting stuff from countries around the world!
December 5th, 2022

We are always looking for ways to improve our podcast. Please click here to fill this survey questionnaire (1 min.) to help us.

BITE – Bullying the Bully
December 5th, 2022

Bullying is being mean to someone over and over again. It can happen at home, school, online, on the bus… and it’s not always physical.

BITE – Family Sacrifices
December 5th, 2022

Sacrifice is a big word, and it’s often said in a big situation.

DB 332: Dream Big & Trust The Process: Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Create Your Own Vision Board
December 5th, 2022

Big Dreamers, have you ever wanted something so bad that you obsessed over it? You imagined yourself doing it, living it, breathing it? Have you also noticed that when you put all your energy towards it, it has a bigger chance to become a reality?

The Source of Stinky Breath | Chapter 1
December 5th, 2022

Mr Jim’s Puzzle Is Now AvailableYes, Mr Jim made a mystery puzzle where its up to you to solve who the mystery animal is! Each Puzzle includes a 54 piece jigsaw puzzle, a Mr Jim audio story, and the mystery animal toy from Schleich®.—> Buy It Now <—

December 5th, 2022

Teen Super Hero, Don’t Mess with Pele, Swifties Sue, Jonathan’s 190th Birthday and Candy Canes Crumble!

The Cat Who Wanted to be a Monkey
December 5th, 2022

Two funny stories about our tricky Monkey. The are both about wanting the impossible! In the first, Baby Bushcat wants to be a monkey – so he can play and have fun all day. In the second story, the Monkey wants to fly – but ends up falling – for a trick – and literally falling too! Thank you to Wondery for supporting the show. Check out Flip & Mozi’s Guide to How to be an Earthling for fun and education.

S7E2 – Bobby Wonder: The Incredible Ring Toss
December 5th, 2022

Bobby Wonder and Grabstack were enjoying the Super Fun Fun Fair until they heard a mysterious ringing noise. After going to investigate, they’re pulled into a competition like no other!

S2E8: Loraine Court
December 5th, 2022

Loraine brings everyone on Bark Street into neighborhood watch court to settle their fines.

S1E4: National Best Friend Day
December 5th, 2022

When Sunny’s cousin Jess visits from New York, Clementine starts to feel a little jealous – she’s not used to having to compete for Sunny’s attention. Clem recruits her mischievous little brother Corey to help her out, and although Sunny assures her their friendship is in tip top shape, their plan to make Jess go away goes way too far!

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