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Season 2 Preview: Let's Go Camping!
September 21st, 2023

Welcome to Season 2 of Zap to the Future. In this season Zap will jump into new adventures and explore how environments change over time. This season also brings new future friends, space pirates, Franken-pires, and a weather event called a Trash Panda-Nado. What will Zap do to help the future? Will Jay and Abuela pop up in the season? Will Abuela cook more platanitos? Stay tuned to find out. 

September 21st, 2023

They look, sound, and might even move like someone you know – but they’re not. Deepfakes are images, videos, and audio recordings that are increasingly used to trick people.

Gaia & The Peaceful Planets Rewind Kids Story
September 21st, 2023

In tonight’s bedtime story for kids, we shoot up into space where we meet Gaia and the other planets, who are watching the creatures on their surfaces celebrating International Peace Day. There’ll be iceskating martians, sleepy mammoths, fuzzy otters, and all of the other magical creatures of outer space, so relax, get sleepy, and let’s begin. Upgrade to Koko Club Today! for zero ads, weekly Bonus episodes & a shout out from Abbe! Subscribe today & please leave us a review   How are we doing with the show? Let us know Instagram 

Dogs – Part 1
September 21st, 2023

Why do dogs smell each other’s butts? Why do they jump up on us? And do dogs always wag their tails when they’re happy?  Anika and Esther find out all the paw-some facts about dogs with Dr Mia Cobb from the University of Melbourne.   Enjoy a new episode every fortnight, and if YOU have a big Fact Detective question, send it to    Guest: Dr Mia Cobb who is a research scientist at the Animal Welfare Science Centre, at The University of Melbourne Hosts: Anika and Esther  Production: Cinnamon Nippard  Sound design: Josh Newth  Executive Producer: Lorna Clarkson    Hear it first on LiSTNR.    Listen ad-free on Kinderling.  

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
September 21st, 2023

All aboard for a hopping good time with Birdie on the Story Train! This episode takes us on a twisty-turny adventure through a magical garden, where a cheeky little rabbit named Peter gets into some serious mischief! From yummy lettuces and radishes to a narrow escape from grumpy Mr. McGregor, Peter’s day is anything but ordinary. Perfect for curious little ears and big imaginations, join us as we explore the classic story, ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’.

Get to Know Reyna Duong
September 21st, 2023

Reyna Duong is the chef and owner of award-winning Vietnamese sandwich shop, Sandwich Hag! Reyna talks about cooking, naming her restaurant and employing people with disabilities. She narrated the story of star baker and author, Nadiya Hussain! This podcast is a production of Rebel Girls. It’s based on the book series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. This episode was produced and directed by Haley Dapkus, with sound editing by John Marshall Media. The executive producer was Joy Smith. Original theme music was composed and performed by Elettra Bargiacchi. Stay Rebel!

September 21st, 2023

Shohei’s Surgery, Barking Soloists, Teen’s Whale of a Discovery, Mini-Golf Day, “Barbie” Banned and a Surfing Snake! Sponsored today by

S5E3: The Case of the Perilous Picnic
September 21st, 2023

Loraine planned a leisure picnic at the park on her day off, but when someone steals all her picnic supplies, it’s up to Snoop and Sniffy to catch the culprit and save the picnic from peril.

207: African Lion w/ Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant!
September 21st, 2023

Join Ellen & wildlife ecologist Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant for a review of savannah royalty: African lions! We discuss what it’s like to be an ecologist working in the field alongside truly awe-inspiring wildlife, what makes lions such iconic big cats from their impressive mane all the way down to their surprisingly tactical tail, and why their relationship to us is so important for inspiring passion for conservation and learning to live peacefully with our wild neighbors.

Idea Storm: Problems! Whoosh! Bang!
September 21st, 2023

We’re off this week getting ready for Season 6, so here’s a taste of a series we’ve been releasing on the Creator Club feed. It’s called Idea Storm, and in it we give you ideas to try out in your own writing! Today’s idea is about how to introduce an exciting problem in your story. When you finish your stories, we’d love to see what you come up with! Grownups can submit stories at And remember, we respond to every single story we receive!

Introducing: PBS Kids’ “Jamming on the Job”
September 21st, 2023

“Jamming on the Job” is a multigenerational, music-inspired podcast for kids ages 4 to 8 and their parents and caregivers. It stars Christina Sanabria and Andrés Salguero, the Latin Grammy Award-winning kids’ music duo known as 123 Andrés. Join Christina and Andrés as they tour the country and perform songs about the world of work. At each place they go, they meet a grownup with a different kind of job who helps them along their way. As Christina and Andrés learn about the new and inspiring career of the day and the skills needed to succeed in that job, they compose an original song about it with help from their Magic Beatmaster Boombox, voiced by Grammy Award-nominated musician Pierce Freelon. In addition to exposing kids to a wide variety of career paths, each episode will highlight foundational skills relevant to each job, such as empathy, social problem-solving and responsibility as well as flexible thinking, impulse control and persistence.

Rock Music
September 21st, 2023

Mr. Fite and Mr. Henry dig into Rock Music. Exploring the history of rock and what instruments you typically find in a rock band. Test your ears with the listening challenge and even learn about our own experience with playing in rock bands! 

Why are there so many shapes of pasta?
September 21st, 2023

Quick, how many pasta shapes can you name?! Spaghetti, rigatoni, tortellini, macaroni, penne, bucatini…whew! There are a plethora of pastas to choose from. But have you ever thought about why this simple food comes in so many shapes? We asked pasta shape inventor Dan Pashman to give us the dish. 

Scorpions vs. Butterflies: a critter debate
September 21st, 2023

Today’s debate is a colossal critter competition! One of them stings, the other has wings. It’s scorpions vs. butterflies! We’ve got standup comedian and health educator Khadijah Cooper ready to sing the praises of the snazzy scorpion and writer, actor and comedian Becky Abrams here to tell us why butterflies are breathtaking. Head on over to and vote to tell us who YOU think won!

E276: Encore: Libraries
September 21st, 2023

Can you figure out who’s lying about libraries?

Travelpod: Pick Your Poison (9/21/23)
September 21st, 2023

In this special Travelpod edition, Flip & Mozi use a label-making machine to help them tell the difference between some of the dangerous earthlings they’ve beamed-up from the planet. Unfortunately, some earthlings just don’t label easily… Find more Flip & Mozi adventures at

Once Upon a Lullaby
September 21st, 2023

Nighttime has fallen and starry skies are twinkling—that means it’s go time for Hesper, the enchanting fairy of the Evening Star, and her talking moth companion, Vesper! They’re off on their evening’s journey to bring restful sleep and wonderous dreams to all the creatures of the Folktale Forest. So, tuck your dear ones under the covers and get ready for a slumber time adventure filled with stardust magic and the sweetest bedtime traditions, all bundled up in beautiful lullaby.

Super Mario Wonder BTS & All Things Japan
September 21st, 2023

Today on The Ten News: Ryan takes us behind the scenes of Super Mario Wonder before it comes out in October Learn about 10 things to do in Japan with Ten’ers, Nola & Elan, plus find out the latest gaming rumors from Ryan And, on the trivia throne: what is the second best-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time?

September 21st, 2023

Welcome to Trusty Trivia! Each Thursday you get to play a Trivia game with the Trusty Narrator!  Have fun seeing if you can answer these three questions, Smartypants!

Hey Duggee – Bedtime Song
September 21st, 2023

Bedtime lullaby sung by Mrs Weaver, Katerina Flamingo and John the Crab.

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