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At first I made this website for my kids - mostly to resolve the frustration my daughter experienced with mainstream podcast apps and the lack of easily discoverable age appropriate content - now I write the code and they act as curators, with nothing added without their say so.

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Be #FDNYSmart and Know How to Safely Get Out!
November 30th, 2023

Do you know what to do if there’s a fire or emergency in your home? In this episode, we are giving you important FDNY Smart tips on escape planning.  That’s a plan that could save your life in an emergency. In a smoky or chaotic atmosphere, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused. By planning and practicing an escape plan with your loved ones, you can be confident about making a safe escape.

Camo The Chameleon Kids Bedtime Story
November 30th, 2023

To unlock this episode join Koko Club via Apple Podcasts or using this link https://kokosleep.supercast.com In tonight’s specially selected rewind bedtime story, we look back on the time we met a little Chameleon called Camo. Camo loves changing the colour of his skin, and his favourite patterns to wear are bright, shiny and colourful. However one day at a party, Camo begins to feel a little shy. He thinks maybe he ought to stop wearing such bright colours, as he stands out in a crowd. Luckily, our friend Koko is there to help Camo realise that he should be happy just the way he is, because the best person you can be is yourself. Relax, get sleepy, and let’s begin!  This story was inspired by Kenzie2341 who came up with the idea of Camo and sent it to us in a review. Thank you Kenzie for your amazing idea, we hope you enjoy the story. ⭐ Happy holidays everybody! Cosy up this winter with the Hector & Sunny book – just click this link! https://bit.ly/kokoclub  Upgrade to Koko Club Today! for zero ads, weekly Bonus episodes & a shout out from Abbe! https://kokosleep.supercast.com Subscribe today & please leave us a review   How are we doing with the show? Let us know Instagram @kokosleep.fm 

217: Loggerhead Shrike & Five-lined Skink
November 30th, 2023

Ellen gets hooked on the loggerhead shrike & Christian makes a clean getaway with the five-lined skink. We discuss tomial teeth, impalement, dropping tails, and regeneration.

Atlas Linguae Recommends: Ochenta Cuentos Season 5!
November 30th, 2023

Studio Ochenta presents: Ochenta Cuentos Season 5! Bringing 10 brand new stories from Colombia , Argentina , México , Chile , Ecuador and Paraguay . This time, we’re showcasing stories about endings – the end of a journey, the end of a trail road, the end of a flight through space…

Get to Know Krystal Ramseur
November 30th, 2023

Get to know Krystal Ramseur who read us the story of Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton. Hear about Krystal’s work with the National Council of Negro Women and in improvisational comedy. Krystal also shares how she identifies with Big Mama Thornton in their shared efforts to be true to themselves. This podcast is a production of Rebel Girls. It’s based on the book series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. This interview was produced by Deborah Goldstein with sound design and mixing by John Marshall Media. Original theme music was composed and performed by Elettra Bargiacchi. Our executive producers are Joy Smith and Jes Wolfe. Thank you to the whole Rebel Girls team who make this podcast possible. Stay rebel!

November 30th, 2023

National Tree Toppled, 12 Days of Christmas Costs, Eddie’s Fan Club, Beyonce Hits the Big Screen, Napoleon’s Hat, World’s Oldest Living Animal and Talking Teen!

Steve’s Amazing Adventure
November 30th, 2023

We love it when narrators get involved in the stories they are telling. And recently, we received a story that not only has a meddlesome narrator, but the author himself intervenes as well. So, for the first time ever on this show, today’s new story, by 11 year old William in Colorado, co-stars the author himself.

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When Chloe is sent off to live with her mysterious and eccentric grandmother she learns an unbelievable secret. Grandma Ivy is none other than Mother Nature herself! And Chloe is next in line to assume to the power and responsibility of the job. Can a twelve-year old learn to balance the entire world’s ecosystem while just trying to fit in at her new school? Only Mother Nature knows.

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