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Created by: MuttStuff Media

USA 6-1011+

Started: September 13th, 2020

Status: Active, 115 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Ep 98: Buzzzzzzz
00:19:41 | Season: 6 | Episode: 99 | February 19th, 2024

Bees make one last appearance on the show, this time getting hammered on college campuses to help scientists understand the neural pathways of human addiction.

Ep 97: Shockoe
00:42:12 | February 5th, 2024

Some dogs work to close decades-old cold cases. Others are tasked with finding long-lost burial grounds, shining a light on America's racist foundation while uncovering the truth that some today wish would stay buried. **********Cat Warren author of "What the Dog Knows" (thank you!)Thanks to Kimberly Chen for sharing the public reports of what HRDs found at Shockoe African Burial Ground II. Peabody Essex Museum TalkNational GeographicDiscover MagazineNY TimesThe Guardian Canine Forensics Foundation Indigenous  Science BaumeisterMartin ArcheologyAPTN News McGill Historical RichmondSaving Places PODCASTRVABody SnatchingRichmond Cemeteries Ryan SmithPalm Beach Florida Weekly Scripps News LA TimesUS CB

Ep 96: The Maine 6
00:36:29 | January 29th, 2024

This week we look at Maine's 6 dogs who might just end up on the front lines to save nearly every industry that gives Maine the name, "Vacationland. "

Ep 95: Zombieland
00:32:50 | Season: 6 | Episode: 95 | January 22nd, 2024

Starting season 6 off with mind control parasites often found in kitty litter boxes around the world – so how is this parasite endangering monk seals in the Pacific Ocean?

Ep 94: Rock Baby and Baby Jail
00:30:27 | Season: 5 | Episode: 94 | April 24th, 2023

In this season finale, we'll catch up with the world's best dad – a 31-year-old bald eagle who wanted to be a dad. 

Ep 93: Tiger Things
00:42:17 | Season: 5 | Episode: 93 | April 17th, 2023

The history of Mike the LSU tiger, the dark reality of meeting tiger cubs, and a new law puts dumb criminals and America's worst behind bars. 

Ep 92: A Wink to the Sky
00:25:04 | April 10th, 2023

A farewell to a good friend, and a revisit to the Dolphin who gave up pod life for the people of a small Irish fishing village in Ireland.

Ep 91: The Well Diggers of Death Valley
00:20:06 | April 3rd, 2023

When we discuss an invasive species on this show, the discussion turns to the distruction by that species on the environment. But, here is an animal that has become part of the food web,is saving other species from a warming climate by digging 5' water wells, and is now part of the very fabric of America's desert. Federal biologists are faced with some inconvenient data thanks to an out of the box scientist, and now they have to answer an ethical question as to what to do next  with the Death Valley Donkeys. 

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Created by: MuttStuff Media
Started: September 13th, 2020
Status: Active, 115 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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