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Some brilliant points raised in this. I think really kids just want to emulate the adults they care about and do ‘adult’ looking things.

I know I used to love a small non-alcoholic shandy when I was a kid and we were out for a meal, and pretending to smoke with those candy sticks when it was cold in winter always felt naughty. But I don’t believe anyone that says they drink beer for the taste of it.


5 stars for the incredible knowledge that cats can be left handed too! Mind. Blown.


Love the idea behind this, can’t wait to share this with my daughter.


Unravel 2 is amazing. Great one to make squabbling siblings play together as they have to work together to beat it.


Classic BBC spookiness:)


Pflugerville just seems like such a silly place to live – we’d move their in an instant!!


by sunsmith
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