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From uproarious laughter to contagious giggles, there’s no denying that children find farting to be an endless source of amusement. This fascination with flatulence is a natural part of childhood humour. The sheer audacity of bodily noises and the unexpectedness of their occurrence often spark uncontrollable fits of laughter among kids. But beyond the comedic appeal, there’s a genuine curiosity and exploring the science behind farting becomes an educational adventure, teaching them about their bodies and sparking their inquisitive nature. Let’s celebrate the laughter and embrace the wonders of this amusing bodily function.

Let’s look at 20 episodes all about the silent but deadlies – and if you want to explore the full list of stinky podcasts you can click here (the current count is over 90!)

Story Pirates

Summer Bonus: I Want To Be Rich/Fart Out Loud Day/Nothing Is Impossible

A new summer bonus episode from the Story Pirates coming atcha! Today’s episode features a new story called I Want To Be Rich by a 3rd grader from Massachusetts named Sammy, as well as two of our favorite songs from last season, Fart Out Loud Day and Nothing Is Impossible.

Radio Nonsense

Do farts come out to explore then inform poos when to come out? With the Two Little Richardheads

Sharmena and David, aka the Two Little Richardheads, call in from Australia this week to help Tiernan answer Ambu’s question of ‘Do farts come out to explore then inform poos when to come out?’


Cushions, Carrots, and Farts of Shame

Storypillar Episode 3

Saturday Splash

Festive Animal Farts

Just in time for the Brussels sprout season, we are joined by the incredible children’s author and scientist Dr Dani Rabaiotti where we discover the fragrant world of animal farts!

Who Smarted?

Why do you Fart?

Why are some Farts loud & others quiet? Why do Farts smell? Should you hold in your Farts?

Greeking Out

S7E3 – Akhenaten The Heretic King

Akhenaten, oh Muses, is who we discuss in today’s episode. We’ll talk through his religious beliefs and how it made sense to build a new city in the middle of the desert. We encounter anthropomorphic stars, megalomania, re-writing religion, the pain of moving, artsy fartsy stuff, and the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

How many farts would it take to fill up a hot air balloon?? With Ada Campe

How many farts would it take to fill up a hot air balloon? Asks John The Chip. A question that I can’t believe science hasn’t answered before. Luckily Ada Campe returns to the show to help out.

Imagine This

Why do farts come out of your bum?

Today we’re talking about something that all of us do. They can be loud or soft, sometimes smelly and almost always funny. We’re talking about fluffs, toots, air biscuits – yes, farts! – and why they come out of our bums. Join Professor Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh as we shrink to fit inside his gas-smelling capsule to follow the journey of gas in our bodies.

Do things disappear in The Bermuda Triangle because of… Earth farts?

Monthly science kits for kids – 60% off your first month – from our awesome sponsor MEL Science. Code is good until the end of May – order now!

REACH A Space Podcast for Kids

REACHing Out: Packing for Mars for Kids with author Mary Roach

REACHing Out are bi-weekly mini-episodes where we answer YOUR Questions. This week we have a special episode as author Mary Roach stops by to talk about her new middle-grade book Packing for Mars for Kids. Don’t miss it!

Where are my trousers? What is that yak doing? With Matt Highton

Matt Highton returns to the show to answer questions on trousers, yaks and of course why are farts smell so much. Meanwhile Tiernan is at the real Comedy Club 4 Kids and they aren’t happy about him copying their name.

Who Invented The Word Fart? With Alison Spittle

The podcast returns after Tiernan’s short break trying to train his pet stone to do, well, anything. And what a return! Radio Nonsense is joined by Alison Spittle to answer Layla’s (aged 8) questions about farts and sunflowers.

Does Uranus smell like… farts?

Why are Uranus and Neptune known as the twin planets? Why is Uranus called Uranus? Why are Uranus and Neptune blue? For free home activities sign-up at

Why do people laugh at farts?

What happens in your body when you laugh? Why do we laugh at inappropriate things or when we’re nervous? Is laughing good for you? For free home activities sign-up at


Ep 46: Housetraining Heiffers

Why scientists are looking to potty train 1 billion cows to combat a growing acid rain crisis. **************

The Imagine Neighborhood

No Filter with Peter Sagal

Hi, everybody! It’s your good friend, Count Vacula, bringing you my newest No Filter!

Fun Kids Science Weekly

Tree Farts and a Special Announcement!

Why do trees fart and what is it doing to the climate? What are butterfly wings made out of? An extremely dangerous ancient shark and a plane in space?! All of this on this week’s Fun Kids Science Weekly!

Why Are Farts Called Farts? With Ada Campe

The brilliant Ada Campe returns to the show to answer Connor’s highly serious question about why farts are called farts. Meanwhile there’s been a stinky hippo invasion at CC4K HQ….

Tumble - Science Podcast for Kids

Do Trees Fart?

Do trees fart? It’s a question that stumped scientists, and sends us on a journey to some serious science! Come with us as we ponder if trees are butts, whether farts are defined by gas or digestive systems, and why “even the smallest fart counts.” 

Ep 21: Fish Fart Diplomacy

How fish farts nearly caused a war between Russia and Sweden, how severed octopus arms continue to try to feed the octopus, and why we use a rodent to predict the future.

Curious Kids Podcast

Curious About Hiccups & Farts

In episode 45, we get curious about 2 topics for the first time thanks to Wolfie of Dallas, Texas.  Learn what hiccups and farts are and how to treat them.  Find out whether animals hiccup and fart.  Olivia also charms us with her own hiccup and fart sounds for your entertainment!

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