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Created by: Trevor Goble and Allison Pratt

USA 6-1011+

Started: January 5th, 2021

Status: Active, 32 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Trevor Goble and Allison Pratt

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S3, Ep. 12 – Metamorpho-This
00:29:22 | Season: 3 | Episode: 12 | February 7th, 2022

Abby and Hopper are thrilled to be offering advice (and puns) to some brand new animal friends. First up, we’ve got a gen-yoo-wine celebrity on the line: it’s Jeremiah Bullfrog! Jeremiah just became a father and is a bit distressed that not a single one of his 10,000 babies looks anything like him. Let’s hope that Abby can help ease this bullfrog’s anxiety while also teaching him about the amazing process of metamorphosis.

S3, Ep. 11 – From Zero to Hero
00:28:01 | Season: 3 | Episode: 11 | January 31st, 2022

We’ve got a stick insect named Twig who is blending-in a little more than she wants to! Let’s hope that Abby can remind Twig of how special she is, while also giving her that little extra push to find her voice.

S3, Ep. 10 – Roll with the Punches
00:20:58 | Season: 3 | Episode: 10 | January 24th, 2022

We’ve got a boxing Mantis Shrimp named Apollo who is stressed about moving up to the next weight class. Let’s hope that Abby can remind our crustacean friend that it’s not the size of the shrimp that matters, but rather working hard and giving it your best go.

Ask Deer Abby: Live with Center for Puppetry Arts!
00:35:57 | Season: 3 | January 17th, 2022

Join Abby and Hopper as they catch-up with some friends from Season One. Not only that, but they've also got a brand new mystery animal who needs YOUR help!

S3, Ep. 9 – It’s So Deep, I Can Barely Sea
00:25:13 | Season: 3 | Episode: 9 | January 10th, 2022

It’s our deep sea friend, Bruno the Goblin Shark! Bruno is feeling a bit disheartened after an attempt to swim to higher waters left him feeling poorly. Hopefully Abby can help Bruno find the answer to his discomfort, while also helping him gain a deeper appreciation for his underwater home.

S3, Ep. 8 – Ice to Meet You
00:22:59 | Season: 3 | Episode: 8 | January 3rd, 2022

We’ve got Peyton the Polar Bear who, try as he may, can NOT seem to hibernate! Let’s hope that Abby can clear-up Peyton’s confusion while also teaching him about his amazing adaptations for his icy-cold climate.

Happy Holidays and A Look Back on The Hissstory of Sharing
00:28:06 | Season: 3 | December 27th, 2021

Happy Holidays, everyone! Abby and Hopper are taking a short break for the holidays, but they didn’t want to leave you empty-handed. Enjoy this look back at one of our favorite episodes from Season 2, and thank you for listening to “Ask Deer Abby”! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

S3, Ep. 7 – Happy Holideers
00:26:50 | Season: 3 | Episode: 7 | December 20th, 2021

Welcome to the seventh episode of Ask Deer Abby, Season Three! Abby and Hopper are thrilled to be offering advice (and puns) to some brand new animal friends. First up, we’ve got a very special guest: it’s Abby’s Mom, Wanda the Caribou! Wanda is having some trouble getting into the holideer spirit because kids always assume that she works for Santa when, in fact, she doesn’t. Let’s hope that Abby can shed some light on the history of Santa and reindeer before Wanda goes completely bonkers! Next up, it’s Keanu the Alaskan Husky. It seems that every Husky is honored to compete in the great, upcoming Iditarod Race except for him! Hopefully Abby can help this young pup find the right motivations so that he can go for gold. Later on, we’ll bring in an animal expert to answer the question on everyone’s mind: “Are there other holiday animals besides reindeer?” Thanks again for listening, and as always, if you’ve got a problem just stop on by, and we’ll say “Hi” at Ask Deer Abby!

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Created by: Trevor Goble and Allison Pratt
Started: January 5th, 2021
Status: Active, 32 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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