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Created by: Kristen & Asher

USA 6-1011+

Started: October 3rd, 2022

Status: Active, 17 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Kristen & Asher

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Let's Get Cultured About Truffles!
00:13:50 | January 15th, 2023

Truffles are one of the most desired delicacies  in the world.  But what is it exactly and is it really a mushroom?  And why on earth is it so expensive?!  Come explore with us and learn about this fascinating organism that has the world going crazy! 

Let’s Go Yumcha and Eat Dim Sum!
00:12:21 | January 9th, 2023

Learn about this traditional Chinese meal and some etiquette tips we should know!  But be warned, you may get hungry after this episode!;)

Afternoon Tea Etiquette 101
00:13:21 | Season: 1 |Episode: 15 | January 1st, 2023

What's the difference between afternoon tea and high tea?  How do you properly hold a teacup?  Learn the basic etiquette of afternoon tea for your next tea party!  

Christmas Traditions Around the World
00:16:20 | Season: 1 |Episode: 14 | December 24th, 2022

Happy Holidays!  There are some Christmas traditions that are commonly practiced everywhere around the world.  Spending time with family, eating good food, decorating the Christmas tree..but some of these unique traditions might surprise you!  Grab a cozy blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and let's go explore the magic of Christmas around the world!

Let's Celebrate Kwanzaa!
00:12:14 | Season: 1 |Episode: 13 | December 18th, 2022

Learn about what it is like to celebrate Kwanzaa and what YOU can do to be a part of it!  Not only is the holiday about honoring and celebrating the rich and beautiful culture of the countries in Africa, but it's also an opportunity for us to find ways to support our  African American communities in our area!

Let's Get Cultured About Antarctica
00:13:28 | Season: 1 |Episode: 12 | December 11th, 2022

Come explore the world's biggest ice sheet and all its mysteries and wonders!  Because let's face it, we look at our globe and rarely pay attention to the big white space on the bottom.  But without this ice sheet, our world wouldn't exist as it does now.    Find out what this means and let's explore the world's coldest, windiest and the most isolated continent in the world! 

Gelato vs Ice Cream
00:10:12 | Season: 1 |Episode: 11 | December 4th, 2022

Do you scream for ice cream or jiggle for gelato?  Turns out, just because they're both sweet, cold and delectable in taste, doesn't mean they're the same!  Find out what makes gelato so uniquely decadent and get ready to have a mouth watering experience through your ears! 

Let's Get Cultured About the Dead Sea
00:11:07 | Season: 1 |Episode: 10 | November 27th, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it's like to float weightlessly like a cloud?  Well here's your chance!  The Dead Sea is full of mystery and beauty- and not only can you float effortlessly in this magical lake, it's full of healing properties!  Come explore and learn  about one of the most fascinating lakes on earth! 

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Created by: Kristen & Asher
Started: October 3rd, 2022
Status: Active, 17 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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