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Created by: Olivia

USA 6-1011+

Started: September 29th, 2018

Status: Actrive, 295 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Curious About Fevers
00:13:29 | Season: 10 | Episode: 242 | May 21st, 2023

In episode 242, we get curious about fevers for Emmett and Ezeikiel of Ontario, Canada and William of Havertown, Pennsylvania.  What does having a fever mean?  What is our body trying to do when we have a fever?  Why do many people consider the perfect body temperature to be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit?  Can animals get fevers to?  Join us to learn more about this red hot topic!

Curious About Vegetables
00:11:39 | Season: 10 | Episode: 241 | May 14th, 2023

In episode 241, we get curious about vegetables for Roman of Alberta, Canada.  We learn what vegetables are, and how they are different from fruit.  We also learn what it means to be "cool as a cucumber" and whether beans are really "good for your heart".  Come veg out with us and learn all about yummy vegetables. 

Curious About Skin
00:12:08 | Season: 10 | Episode: 240 | May 7th, 2023

In episode 240, we get curious about skin for Edward of Texas and Sloane and Logan of Ocala, Florida.  We learn why skin is so important, about all of the different layers of the skin, and how our skin is different than the skin of animals.  We also learn how the skin repairs itself after it is injured.  Join us to get the skinny on the largest organ of the human body. 

Curious About Castles
00:12:17 | Season: 10 | Episode: 239 | April 30th, 2023

In episode 239, we get curious about castles for Henry of Atlanta, Georgia and Luna of Auckland, New Zealand.  Why were castles built?  How do castles help protect the people inside?  What are the different parts of a castle?  Learn all about castles with us.

Curious About Axolotls
00:12:05 | Season: 10 | Episode: 238 | April 23rd, 2023

In episode 238, we get curious about axolotls for Oliver from Missouri, Natalie from Kentucky, Leo from Australia, and Luke from Washington State.  What are axolotls?  What is the difference between an axolotl and a salamander?  Where can axolotls be found in the wild?  What makes them different from almost all other animals?

Curious About Prosthetics
00:18:07 | Season: 10 | Episode: 237 | April 16th, 2023

In episode 237, we get curious about prosthetics with the help of Lindsey, a certified prosthetic/orthotic clinician with Hanger Clinic.  We learn what limb loss and limb difference are, how prosthetics help people (and even animals) with limb loss and limb difference, and we learn a bit about the fascinating history of prosthetics. 

Curious About Honey
00:11:31 | Season: 10 | Episode: 236 | April 9th, 2023

In episode 236, we get curious about honey for Seb, Theia, and Harry from Exeter, England, Allison from Springfield, Virginia and Ryder from Wellington, New Zealand.  How is honey made?  Are honey bees the only insect that make honey?  How is honey able to last so long without going bad?  Check out this buzzworthy episode to learn more. 

Curious About Belly Buttons
00:09:29 | Season: 10 | Episode: 235 | April 2nd, 2023

In episode 235, we get curious about belly buttons for Eiko of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and Sylvan (who left us a five star review).  How are belly buttons formed?  What do they do?  Do animals have belly buttons?  Listen in to find out.

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Wait what, Giraffe’s can take on pretty much any land animal? We had no idea they’re so tough – I’d always assumed a lion would just bite out of it’s legs or something and then bingo, lunch.


Created by: Olivia
Started: September 29th, 2018
Status: Actrive, 295 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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