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Created by: Olivia

USA 6-1011+

Started: September 29th, 2018

Status: Actrive, 278 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Curious About Quicksand
00:09:23 | Season: 9 |Episode: 225 | January 22nd, 2023

In episode 225, we get curious about quicksand for Dylan from London, UK, and Graham from Oregon.  We learn whether or not quicksand is dangerous, and what you should do if you ever get stuck in quicksand.  Are you curious what a non-Newtonian fluid is?  Tune in to find out.   

Curious About Memory
00:14:59 | Season: 9 |Episode: 224 | January 15th, 2023

In episode 224, we get curious about memory for Brook and Leah of Florida.  We learn  about the different types of memory, how we remember things, and why we forget some things.  Listen in to this memorable episode to learn more!

Curious About Octopuses
00:13:49 | Season: 9 |Episode: 223 | January 8th, 2023

In episode 223, we get curious about octopuses for Finley of Melbourne, Australia, Cal from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Jack and Ryan of Logan, Utah, and Beau and Isla of Rotorua, New Zealand.  Is octopuses really the plural of octopus, because it sounds pretty strange?  What do octopuses eat and how do they eat?  How big are they?  Are they smart, and how do we know how smart they are?

Curious About Laws
00:13:43 | Season: 9 |Episode: 222 | January 1st, 2023

In episode 222, we get curious about laws for Soleil and Archer from Akron, Ohio.  What are laws and why do we need them?  How does an idea become a law?  What are examples of some strange laws that still exist?

Curious About Submarines
00:12:51 | Season: 9 |Episode: 221 | December 25th, 2022

In episode 221, we get curious about submarines for Veylan of Massachusetts.  How do submarines dive deep into the ocean?  How are sailors able to survive for a long time submerged in a submarine?  How can sailors navigate a submarine through the ocean without being able to see what's ahead of them? 

Curious About Cancer
00:12:18 | Season: 9 |Episode: 220 | December 18th, 2022

In episode 220, we get curious about cancer for Ridge of Montana, Michelle of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Olivia of Tenza, Columbia.  We learn what cancer is, and how it is different from viruses.  What are the different treatment options for someone with cancer?  What are some things that can increase our risk for developing cancer? 

Curious About Flowers
00:12:48 | Season: 9 |Episode: 219 | December 11th, 2022

In episode 219, we get curious about flowers for Tilly and Charlie of Lakewood, Colorado and Charlie of Tampa, Florida.  How do flowers reproduce?  Do all flowers look beautiful and smell nice?  What are examples of some of the strangest flowers in the world?  Join us to learn all about flowers!

Curious About Germs
00:12:46 | Season: 9 |Episode: 218 | December 4th, 2022

In episode 218, we get curious about germs for Myles and Lila of Mobile, Alabama, Hans of Niagara Falls, Canada, Enzo and Emil of Denver, Colorado, and Ethan of Washington.  We learn about the different types of germs, whether or not there are good germs, and how we can protect ourselves and those around us from bad germs that can make us sick.

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Wait what, Giraffe’s can take on pretty much any land animal? We had no idea they’re so tough – I’d always assumed a lion would just bite out of it’s legs or something and then bingo, lunch.


Created by: Olivia
Started: September 29th, 2018
Status: Actrive, 278 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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