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Created by: Jonathan Cormur

USA under 5's6-10

Started: August 12th, 2020

Status: Active, 71 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Jonathan Cormur

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The Golden Touch Screen
00:17:04 | Season: 4 |Episode: 60 | January 26th, 2023

After missing out on the latest aPhone release, the Acorn-product-obsessed Mr. Redge makes a desperate deal with a dark magic sorcerer. Quivering over almost losing his quills, he meets Acorn founder Beeve Hogs. Beeve tells him the story of King Midas and his love of gold, and the wizard that grants Midas' greedy wish. Will the story's unintended consequences touch Redge’s heart and remind him what he should value the most?

Encore: Brave Aviators, Hidden Heroes of History
00:20:22 | Season: 3 | January 12th, 2023

We booked you another reservation on Brave Aviator Airlines, where stories take flight! Join Jonathan and Mr. Redge on this encore adventure through time to meet four pioneers of aviation: Bessie Coleman, Hazel Ying Lee, Maggie Gee and Mae Jemison. From flying circuses and Avenger Field to the space shuttle Endeavor, these women broke through racial and gender barriers to reach new heights of acceptance in the field of aviation and beyond!

Catching Tanya Time from Girl Tales
00:16:07 | Season: 3 | December 29th, 2022

While Jonathan and Mr. Redge rest after all their merrymaking and the joyful tales they’ve told this season, Rebecca Cunningham makes a visit from Girl Tales to share an original story about Shelby Ann Catskills Cunningham. Ms. Cunningham LOVES to lasso and wishes she had more time to do it. Well, right before New Year’s Eve, she lassoes someone who can give her the power to twirl her rope as much as she wants. Seems like her wish will finally come true… but also there might be a few unexpected consequences too!

A Winter's Tail
00:14:59 | Season: 3 |Episode: 59 | December 15th, 2022

“Poppycock, nonsense and hedge-hogwash!” declares Mr. Redge when he learns winter is responsible for all the cold white stuff making his wallaby friend’s toes and tail freeze. Before emotions heat up to a high degree, the magical weather pixie known as Jack Frost pops in to share what’s so cool about the chilly season. Can he ultimately prove to the Folktale Forest’s creatures that there’s no business like snow business?

Twas a Night Most Jolly Holly
00:05:43 | Season: 3 |Episode: 58 | December 1st, 2022

‘Tis the season of good cheer and you, dear listeners, are our reason to be merry! Once Upon a Times’ traditional hedgehog holiday has almost begun—but before the festivities commence, Mr. Redge has invited the Folktale Forest’s Society of Bards and Balladeers to give you a glimpse into the magic of Jolly Holly Day. So, with narrative expressions of joy and great glee they present the poem, ’Twas a Night Most Jolly Holly. 

Lucille Bishop Smith, Hidden Hero of History
00:14:01 | Season: 3 |Episode: 57 | November 17th, 2022

A taste of kitchen creativity and a recipe for success! Lucille Bishop Smith was a Black American culinary entrepreneur, educator, inventor and corporate founder. Her “Lucille’s All Purpose Hot Roll Mix” revolutionized home cooking. 21 different recipes could be made from its base, adding a dash of time-saving convenience to meal-making! She used her success to give back, uplifting her community and teaching others the secret ingredients needed to navigate the domestic service industry.

Alice in Slumberland
00:15:51 | Season: 3 |Episode: 56 | November 3rd, 2022

After tumbling down the rabbit hole, Alice and Mr. Redge find themselves smack dab in the middle of the Queen of Hearts kingdom. Seeing her subjects so forlorn over her majesty’s ill-temper, the two concoct a clever croquet challenge to rid her of her crotchety ways. Can the queen learn their lesson of cooperation and good sportsmanship, or will she command that everyone go, OFF TO THEIR BEDS?!

Maple Leaf Legends, a Dorktales Lore Story
00:16:17 | Season: 3 |Episode: 55 | October 20th, 2022

As soon as the leaves fall, you’ll find the Folktale Forest hedgehogs collecting and turning them into maple leaf medals. They award them to the trees for their exemplary service to the land and its critters. Now, Jonathan and Mr. Redge are adding to this honored tradition by celebrating the unique talents of all their forest friends. Come and hear their razzle-dazzling awards show with dancing trios, wonderful wordsmiths, astonishing acrobats, and one famous rooster who cockadoodle-doesn’t miss a beat!    

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Created by: Jonathan Cormur
Started: August 12th, 2020
Status: Active, 71 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

USAunder 5's6-10
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