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Created by: Andrew & Polly


Started: July 7th, 2015

Status: Active, 193 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Songs About Rainbows
00:25:38 | Season: 4 | Episode: 23 | May 29th, 2024

Kick off your summer with new bops and classic tunes about translucent spectra! Here’s just a taste of the songs you’ll discover on our Spotify playlist, Songs About Rainbows :

A World of Bugs! (Earth Week remix)
00:25:34 | Season: 4 | Episode: 22 | April 18th, 2024

Metamorphic caterpillars! Fungus farming ants! Digital bees? Oh my! — how can these all be bugs? In this episode, Avery talks about bugs in computer code and how she built a pollination video game with a Raspberry Pi. Izaiah updates us about the worms in the compost pile on his farm. And our friends at Valle de Niños in San Francisco take us on a tour of the life cycle of caterpillars. (Entomolgist Chris Wheeler also gets some words in edge-wise1)

Critters around the World! (Earth Week remix)
00:26:52 | Season: 5 | Episode: 22 | April 18th, 2024

What IS a CRITTER? Andrew & Polly ask some friends around the world about the different critters that live in their neighborhoods. Ear Snacks is a free interactive experience centered around children’s voices & ideas. To support the work we’re doing for your kids (and all kids), become a supporter on Patreon or through Apple Podcasts Premium Subscription feature. Thanks for listening! Need more snacks? Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok!

Oceans vs. Microplastic vs. Mermaids! (Earth Week remix)
00:21:24 | Season: 4 | Episode: 21 | April 16th, 2024

An interview with a mermaid scientist!!! This Earth Week remix episode of Ear Snacks features the bright light of science communicator and mermaid, Danni Washington. Check out her amazing book, Bold Women in Science, and her podcast for kids, Genius Generation. Thanks again to our friends Arlo, Molly, Poppy, Opal, Sam, and Thiri (and their parents) for sharing what they know about lights! And thank you to all our listeners for your beautiful inner lights and for using them to help others see something new. Please consider supporting our work this holiday season at (and receive a cameo-style personalized video!) To learn more or to be on the show, visit – thanks for listening!

Family of Trees! (Earth Week remix)
00:09:44 | Season: 14 | Episode: 20 | April 16th, 2024

Happy Earth Week! What has 3 trillion trees and one kid named after a birch tree? Andrew & Polly’s family tree has (at least!) 3 tree experts who give us just the tiniest glimpse into the wonder of all things arboreal. Thanks to Bay Area-based Plant Stars and Oakland Aesthetics for sharing what they love! To learn more or to be on the show, visit – and thanks for listening!

00:18:05 | Season: 4 | Episode: 19 | March 27th, 2024

What do you see during an eclipse? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? In 2017, we asked kids and families living in the path of totality to record their experience of the Great American Eclipse. If you’re getting ready for the total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024 that will stretch from Texas to Maine, check this out!

Rainbows & Holi (with Charu Suri)
00:33:52 | Season: 4 | Episode: 18 | March 22nd, 2024

Why ARE there so many songs about rainbows? Because there’s SO MUCH TO SAY about them!

Pi + Pie! (with America’s Test Kitchen Kids)
00:15:32 | Season: 4 | Episode: 17 | March 8th, 2024

WHAT IS PIE? What about pi? Can I have 3.1415 pieces, please? Pre-heat your International Pi Day festivities! Andrew & Polly get granular with Molly Birnbaum from America’s Test Kitchen Kids who does all kinds of fascinating kitchen experiments and games on her new kids podcast, Mystery Recipe. Find more at and — we hope family time can be filled with fun and learning and good food!

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Every song here is enjoyable and lovely!


by MattDeGuzman

Created by: Andrew & Polly
Started: July 7th, 2015
Status: Active, 193 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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