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Created by: Gen-Z Media


Started: July 5th, 2018

Status: Active, 62 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Gen-Z Media

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Recent Episodes

S4 E19: Adelia Goodwin’s Secret Journal – A Hasty Escape
00:13:37 | Season: 4 |Episode: 19 | September 23rd, 2022

The mystery around Adelia’s diary thickens! Earth Ranger Emma is growing suspicious: What is the deal with the serpent symbol – and what message is hidden in the wooden box she found. Looks like her time in Namibia is quickly running out…

S4 E18: Adelia Goodwin’s Secret Journal – Mysteries of the Misty Desert
00:13:22 | Season: 4 |Episode: 18 | July 29th, 2022

Even a sprained ankle can’t keep Earth Ranger Emma grounded for long. This time, she follows Adelia’s trail into the mysterious Sand Sea Desert, where a new cue seems to fall right into her hands…

S4 E17: Adelia Goodwin’s Secret Journal – R&R (Rest and Rhinos)
00:12:03 | Season: 4 |Episode: 17 | June 18th, 2022

When Emma’s baboon rescue attempt goes terribly wrong, and the doctor orders strict bed rest- it seems like Emma’s quest for Adelia has to grind to a halt. Or does it?

S4 E16: Adelia Goodwin’s Secret Journal – Rescue in the Canyon
00:13:20 | Season: 4 |Episode: 16 | May 20th, 2022

Deep in the Namib desert, Earth Ranger Emma gets challenged to do what every Earth Ranger does best and save an animal in trouble. Together with her new friend Nyah she heads out to Sesriem Canyon for a daring rescue.

S4 E15: Adelia Goodwin’s Secret Journal – Stranded in the Desert
00:12:55 | Season: 4 |Episode: 15 | April 30th, 2022

Emma’s world-wide quest for Adelia Goodwin takes an unexpected detour when her trusted plane, Bessie has a GPS breakdown. Forced to crash land in the middle of the desert, Emma is faced with a difficult decision: Continue to chase after Adelia on foot and brave the inhospitable wilderness of the Namib desert, or take shelter at a nearby camp? How would you decide?

S4 E14: Adelia Goodwin’s Secret Journal – In the Air Again
00:16:30 | Season: 4 |Episode: 14 | March 3rd, 2022

Emma has solved Adelia’s riddle and takes to the skies again towards new adventures!

S4 E13: Junior Wildlife Reporters: Philippine Eagles, Vaquitas, Whale Sharks and More
00:13:29 | Season: 4 |Episode: 13 | February 10th, 2022

Earth Ranger Lucas takes the mic again to present the last round, and the winner of the ‘Junior Wildlife Reporters’ contest.

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Created by: Gen-Z Media
Started: July 5th, 2018
Status: Active, 62 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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