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Created by: American Public Media


Started: October 24th, 2018

Status: Active, 63 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Smash Boom Best: Bubble Gum Vs. Gummy Bears
00:35:35 | June 19th, 2024

This week, we’ve got a very special episode from our besties at Smash Boom Best!

Why do we eat popcorn at the movies?
00:30:01 | June 12th, 2024

Popcorn is a buttery, tasty treat. You can find it everywhere, from circuses to sports games. But it’s probably best known for its starring role as a movie theater snack! So why do we eat popcorn at the movies anyway? Why not pizza or peanuts or potato chips? 

Hole in One: History of the bagel
00:31:45 | June 5th, 2024

Today, bagels are a classic American breakfast food. But less than 100 years ago, most people in the U.S. had never heard of them! Join Joy, co-host Arianna, and special guest Sohla El-Waylly of the Deep Dish podcast to learn how a group of tough, dedicated bakers helped bagels go from nearly unknown to breakfast big shot. Plus, Arianna pays a visit to Asa’s Bakery in Minneapolis and learns how to roll bagels and bialys. And of course, a brand new First Things First!

Terrific Toilets: how humans solved the potty problem
00:28:37 | May 29th, 2024

It’s easy to take toilets for granted, but these porcelain thrones are nothing short of marvelous. In this episode, Joy and co-host Caleb find out how bathrooms and sewers helped civilizations grow. Plus they take a pit stop in ancient Rome where public restrooms were very public. And they learn about a privy fit for a literal queen. Enjoy and remember to wash your hands when you’re done!

How guide dogs came to lead the way
00:28:05 | May 22nd, 2024

Dogs have served as human’s loyal companions for thousands of years. They’ve also been trained to do some pretty cool jobs! In today’s episode, Joy and cohost Oliver learn all about the history of guide dogs. These are canine companions that are trained to help guide people who are blind or have vision loss. They’ll also meet 16 year old Ella Shea and her guide dog Pico!  Plus, we’ll hear one of your invention mentions, and play a brand new edition of First Things First!

Smarty Pass Sneak Peek: Rock, Paper Scissors
00:02:02 | May 20th, 2024

It’s a Forever Ago face-off! Joy has turned the garage at HQ into a boxing arena and has brought in Molly Bloom and Nico Gonzalez Wisler for a rock, paper, scissors showdown!  Grab your smarty pass to witness the raw power of rock, paper, scissors!

Where did the Fortune Cookie come from?
00:24:03 | May 15th, 2024

When most of us think of fortune cookies, we think of those little folded cookies that come with Chinese food. But did you know that fortune cookies aren’t from China? So where did they come from? And why do we think of them as Chinese? Join Joy and co-host Harlem as they find answers and trace the cookie’s journey. We’ll also hear from journalist Jennifer 8. Lee who wrote an entire book all about fortune cookies, plus a brand new First Things First!

Forever Ago is Back May 15!
00:01:41 | May 7th, 2024

Hey Forever Ago Friends!! Ready for more Forever Ago FUN?! Well you’re in luck— Forever Ago is back with a brand new season May 15th! Tune in to learn all about how wheelchair basketball was invented, why we eat popcorn at the movies, and what humans did with their doo before modern toilets!

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Created by: American Public Media
Started: October 24th, 2018
Status: Active, 63 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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