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Episode one logo Episode One: Generation Carbon – The Planet – and the Grownups! – need your help! Trailer

This is an Episodic show. You can listen to it in any order, but episode one is always a great place to start.

Full Episode description

Hey Gen C Changemakers! This is Generation Carbon. The podcast where kids like you, help grownups like us, save the planet. We know you have tough questions about climate change, and we believe you deserve the answers!

In this episode of Generation Carbon, we are learning about Polar Bears. Polar Bears are hungry, and it’s getting warmer. Will they go extinct?

Our Science Spark comes from Bryn, a Gen C Changemaker in Collingwood Canada. We hear what’s going on firsthand from Edie, Pepper Polar Bear & Professor Walrus. Learn more from Alysa McCall, Director of Conservation Outreach at https://polarbearsinternational.org/ (Polar Bears International) and Gen C Super Scientific Story Reporters at the https://actonacademyatserenbe.com/elementary-studio (Elementary Studio – Acton Academy at Serenbe).

Gen C Changemakers. We’d love you to get involved. If you’d like to ask a question or submit your super scientific findings in a future episode, we need Gen C science-minded story reporters on the climate case! Have your grownups visit thecarbonalmanac.org/kids to sign up.

This podcast is a part of the Carbon Almanac Network of Podcasts.

Supervising Producer: Jennifer Myers Chua. Senior Producer: Tonya Downing. Expert Outreach Advisor: Tania Marien. Writers: Tonya Downing, Kristy Sharrow. Hosted By: Jennifer Myers Chua, Edie Chua. Talent: Leekei Tang, Olabanji Stephen. Sound Design: Sam Morley. Editor: Jennifer Myers Chua. Project Co-ordinator: Jen Ankenmann. Shownotes: Amanda Hsiung-Blodgett
Some sound effects provided by BBC https://sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/ (bbc.co.uk) – © copyright 2022 BBC
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