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Created by: Girl Tales

USA 6-1011+

Started: August 7th, 2017

Status: Active, 206 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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The Ducks of Lake Ballyquirke (Encore)
00:33:31 | Season: 6 | Episode: 209 | April 8th, 2024

After spending their days littering the lake in their kingdom, Helene and her siblings are turned into ducks and banned to Lake Ballyquirke for 300 years! Writer: Izzi D’Esposito Starring: Adriana Colon, Tessa Flannery, Cristina Pitter, & Chad Chenail Producer:Chad Chenail Assistant Producer: Megan Bagala Executive Producer: Rebecca Cunningham Music: Cup of Tea from the Washington Celtic group Sláinte Licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution from

Owen and the Order of the Ancient Cedar
00:29:15 | Season: 6 | Episode: 208 | April 1st, 2024

“Big breath, magic at my fingertips, and a quest in my heart!” Owen, a spirited sorcerer, leaves the safety of their beloved library to begin a brand new, boundless adventure. With courage and curiosity, they head deep into the Great Forest and face puzzling challenges to find fellow sorcerers at the Ancient Cedar. Owen uses their wit, grit, and the encouragement of enchanted creatures to discover how to listen to the beat of their own magic and become the legendary Owen the Wayforger–Creator of Paths and Empowerer of Others!

The Witch’s Boat
00:14:43 | Season: 6 | Episode: 207 | March 25th, 2024

Anu’s mom crushes her eggshells before she puts them in the compost so that witches can’t turn them into boats. Anu thinks that’s just a joke but is it? A trip down the river Ohneka, may prove otherwise. Writer: Tessa Flannery Voice-Over Artists: Rebecca Cunningham, Sneha Mathan, and Samira Sardella Producer: Chad Chenail Executive Producer and Host: Rebecca Cunningham

Lenuda’s Wings
00:19:02 | Season: 6 | Episode: 206 | March 18th, 2024

Amanita, the mushroom forager, discovers her favorite mushroom in the forest! But when her new friend, Lenuda the mushroom fairy, loses their wings, Amanita has to figure out the right thing to do. Writer: Imani Russell Voice-Over Artists: Rebecca Cunningham, Dariana Fustes, and Ava Johnson Producer: Tessa Flannery Executive Producer and Host: Rebecca Cunningham Links for the Grownups! Be on Girl Tales for Women’s History Month! Personalized Stories Join the Ghost Tour Club! Girl Tales Events Patreon Girl Tales Store Rebecca’s Newsletter Facebook Instagram Buy the Girl Tales Team a Coffee Starglow Media

Big Feet and Long Tales
00:23:43 | Season: 6 | Episode: 205 | March 11th, 2024

Sasquatch and her gnome friend, Charlie Flyswatter try to uncover the truth behind strange rumors.

Winnie the Bear Gets Stuck
00:19:07 | Season: 6 | Episode: 204 | March 4th, 2024

Winnie the Bear gets stuck in a rabbit hole and needs some help from her friends to get unstuck.

The Green Thumb Gang
00:26:03 | Season: 6 | Episode: 203 | February 26th, 2024

Join Elara and The Green Thumb Gang, as they race to prepare for a divine Spring Festival in Freshwater!

Hallie the Piper
00:17:12 | Season: 6 | Episode: 202 | February 19th, 2024

A lot of rats have moved into Freshwater and Mayor Lucinda orders that they leave. But Hallie, the bagpiping kid, wants to help her furry friends and rally the community to keep them there.

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Created by: Girl Tales
Started: August 7th, 2017
Status: Active, 206 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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