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Created by: GoKidGo


Started: May 17th, 2021

Status: Active, 203 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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S1E203 – Kapow’s Power of Invention: F18 Super Hornet
00:07:32 | December 13th, 2022

The F-18 is called a Hornet, but it’s not an actual hornet. It’s not even part bug, okay? Andwhile it can do all sorts of things… one thing it definitely can’t do, is sting you like a bug. So don’t worry. You might see one in a movie or you might see one flying through the skyabove your head, but wherever you see an F/A-18 Hornet, unless it’s parked on an aircraft carrier, or an airbase, it’s gonna be moving fast. After all, this is a machine built for speed! Tune in to hear all about one of the coolest aircraft flying around today!

S1E202 – Kapow’s Power of Invention: Yvon Chouinard
00:08:37 | November 22nd, 2022

Yvon was just a kid who loved to play outside, but by using the Power of Invention and Hard Work he was able to turn that love into a company that doesn’t just make money, and cool clothes, but makes the world a better place too! Tune in to hear all about the creation of Patagonia outdoor clothing and gear.

S1E201 – Kapow’s Power of Invention: The Telescope
00:07:45 | October 12th, 2022

It isn’t known who invented the first telescope, but in 1608, a Dutch eyeglass maker named Hans was the first person to patent the telescope. He called his telescope a looker, and it was able to magnify an image up to three times!

S1E200 – Kapow’s Power of Invention: The Imagineers
00:08:54 | September 28th, 2022

The Imagineers are a team of people that use the Power of Imagination to create and build new things that make the world a more awesome place! This super-team of illustrators, architects, engineers, lighting designers, writers and graphic designers work to design and build everything from haunted mansions to fast thrill rides!

S1E199 – Kapow’s Power of Invention: The National Park Service
00:10:08 | September 22nd, 2022

The National Parks Service maintains and protects some of the most beautiful places in the world so that everyone can enjoy Mother Earth. Tune in to find out how this incredible organization was invented!

S1E198 – Kapow’s Power of Invention: GPS
00:08:29 | August 31st, 2022

GPS is everywhere! It’s on everyone’s phone, on airplanes, and even on cars! And thank goodness it is, because it makes our lives easier everyday.

S1E197 – Kapow’s Power of Invention: The Lawnmower
00:09:57 | August 24th, 2022

In order for a lawn to work, it had to be maintained and kept all flat and clear. After all, if left to its own devices, nature will grow fast and grow big. Fortunately, there is a simple way to keep the grass short and other plants from getting big. Lawnmowers!

S1E196 – Kapow’s Power of Invention: Listener Mailbag 39
00:06:43 | August 19th, 2022

Why did Lucy Wow build the longest zipline? Tune in to find out the answer to this question, and maybe a couple more, with Lucy Wow’s sidekick (and world champion eater of socks) Kapow! Thanks to listener Giovanni for the great questions!

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Created by: GoKidGo
Started: May 17th, 2021
Status: Active, 203 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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