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Created by: Abbe Opher & Gillian Rogerson

UK under 5's6-10

Started: November 26th, 2021

Status: Active, 83 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Abbe Opher & Gillian Rogerson

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Recent Episodes

Camo The Chameleon
00:36:48 |Episode: 100 | September 29th, 2022

In tonight’s story, we revisit Sleepy Forest, where we will meet a little Chameleon called Camo. Camo loves changing the colour of his skin, and his favourite patterns to wear are bright, shiny and colourful. However one day at a party, Camo begins to feel a little shy. He thinks maybe he ought to stop wearing such bright colours, as he stands out in a crowd. Luckily, our friend Koko is there to help Camo realise that he should be happy just the way he is, because the best person you can be is yourself.

KOKO CLUB PREVIEW – Hector & Sunny Meet Rex The Puppy
00:04:45 | September 28th, 2022

In tonight’s Koko Club story we meet a teeny tiny puppy called Rex. Rex is going on his first ever walk, and he’s excited but a little nervous… Thankfully he makes two friends who show him the way- our much loved friends, Hector and Sunny.

Pirate Parrots ‍☠
00:37:50 |Episode: 98 | September 26th, 2022

Ahoy me hearties! In tonight’s story, inspired by Axy, we sail the high seas with Captain Silverbeak, as she finds a treasure map that leads her to many magical lands. Join the seafaring parrots as they cross paths with Treehugging bears and mountain gorillas on the mystical path the treasure map lays out for them.

KOKO REWIND – Once Upon A Nap
00:29:38 |Episode: 97 | September 22nd, 2022

In tonight’s specially selected Koko Rewind, we join Lula the cat, as she visits the homes along Lavender Lane in her search for the perfect place to take a peaceful nap.

Cowardly Lion’s Sleepy Day
00:35:31 |Episode: 95 | September 19th, 2022

In tonight’s bedtime story we travel to the magical land of Oz and hear how the Cowardly Lion spends a peaceful day wandering through the forest. To his delight, he meets up with some dear friends along the way and they make his day even more special.

Goodnight Tortoise, Goodnight Hare
00:34:55 |Episode: 94 | September 15th, 2022

In tonight’s meditative bedtime story, we’ll discover how a friendly tortoise helps a hectic hare to slow down and quieten his busy mind. Every morning when Hare woke up, he would leap out of bed and begin rushing about from one activity to another. Thankfully, his new friend could teach him to slow down and notice the beautiful flowers and trees around him, instead of rushing by without a second glance.

The Baby Water Dragon
00:38:37 |Episode: 92 | September 12th, 2022

In tonight’s story, we meet an adorable little baby water dragon named Aenon and his good friend, Emerald, as they embark upon their special quest that all baby dragons must complete.
Thanks to Lovemylipgloss who asked for a water dragon story in her review, and thanks to listener Zoe who suggested the name Emerald. ⭐

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Created by: Abbe Opher & Gillian Rogerson
Started: November 26th, 2021
Status: Active, 83 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

UKunder 5's6-10
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