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Created by: Wondery

USA 6-1011+

Started: November 17th, 2020

Status: Active, 144 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Purple Poodles from Pluto Part 1 | 142
00:16:49 | Episode: 142 | September 19th, 2023

Tilly the space poodle feels different to all her friends. She’s the only poodle on Pluto who doesn’t live for parties and dancing. But when the poodles discover a secret kingdom underground, Tilly might be the one puppy who can save them all…

Listen Now – The Cat in the Hat Cast
00:06:19 | September 18th, 2023

Hold on tight and prepare to be whisked away on a weekly adventure with Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat! In a world full of delightful mix-ups and exhilarating mayhem, the mischievous Cat takes the reins and enlightens the ever-cautious Fish on the art of hosting a perfectly poised podcast. Featuring alphabet song sing-a-longs, tremendous tongue-twisters, and wondrous wordplay, you’ll be left guessing what surprises The Cat will pull out of his hat next. Listen to The Cat in the Hat Cast now. 

Evil Avocado | 141
00:15:18 | Episode: 141 | September 12th, 2023

Albie the Avocado dreams of making the boat race crew, but he’s never been picked for ANY team. With the help of his best friend, Paulo the Pineapple, can Albie turn things around? Can his EVIL AVOCADO persona win the day? Join us and find out! Mwahaha!

Encore: Yishai the Bright Fish Part 2 | 140
00:19:41 | Episode: 140 | September 5th, 2023

When the water temperature at the school suddenly soars, Yishai and his entire class have to swim to the bottom of the sea to safety! How will he keep everyone safe 4000 meters underwater… if he’s still embarrassed about what it means to be a deep-sea fish?

Encore: Yishai the Bright Fish Part 1 | 139
00:18:24 | Episode: 139 | August 29th, 2023

Yishai is a pinecone fish, a rare type of deep sea creature. Going to school with fish from other parts of the ocean is awkward for him. He stands out like a spikey seahorse! When Yishai’s mom comes to school one day to teach the other fish about their culture, Yishai is mortified. How could things get any worse?

La Tomatina | 138
00:15:06 | Episode: 138 | August 22nd, 2023

After a long, slow summer in Indiana, Tammy and Eulabelle are overdue for an adventure. It’s the perfect time to jump into an enchanted bathtub and get magically transported to Spain… where the town of Buñol is hosting its legendary tomato fight! But the evil Señora Tomato Sauce isn’t far behind them. Can their friendship conquer the saucy sorceress?

The Cat that Knows Everything | 137
00:16:35 | Episode: 137 | August 15th, 2023

Nancy the cat is perturbed. That’s a fancy word for annoyed. Her owner Ava spends too much time reading books, and not enough time giving tummy rubs! But Nancy is about to discover the REAL reason Ava’s so enchanted by her library. What will the Cat Council make of all this?!

The Pizza Surfers of New Jersey | 136
00:15:53 | Episode: 136 | August 8th, 2023

For decades, Julia’s family has owned the best pizza place on the New Jersey boardwalk. What’s better than the pizza on the beach? But when a rival restaurant opens its doors for the summer, it’s time for an epic battle of dough, cheese and marinara-surfing expertise!

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Created by: Wondery
Started: November 17th, 2020
Status: Active, 144 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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