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Created by: Studio Ochenta

USA 11+

Started: September 17th, 2019

Status: Active, 52 episodes

Kind: Story (start at episode one)

Language: English

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Studio Ochenta

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Mija on the Mike Solo: Volar
5:35 | Episode: 7 | May 31st, 2023

Hí! For this week’s solo episode, I want to talk about flying. When was the first time you flew in a plane? Do you remember the feeling? Thanks for listening. In case you’ve just tuned in! This is Mija on the mike a season reflection on our shared experiences as daughters of immigrants. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing stories like these, and inviting guests to share theirs.

Mija on the mike with: Saadia Khan aka @immigrantlypod
33:02 | Episode: 6 | May 24th, 2023

Welcome back to Mija on the Mike. This week our guest is an immigrant herself: Saadia Khan, the creator and EP behind the community and podcast: immigrantlypod. The series shares stories from immigrants at the intersection of different cultures and discusses the joys and struggles of their experiences. As the mother of two American-born daughters, Saadia faced cross-cultural challenges that will resonate with our Mija listeners as they connect with their family’s culture. As she explains in our chat: this experience, is an « evolution » of the self. Enjoy!

Mija on the Mike Solo: ¡Soñar no cuesta nada!
6:40 | Episode: 5 | May 17th, 2023

Hí! For this week’s solo episode, I want to talk about dreams. I like to ask my guests, what’s their most embarrassing dream?, What is something you’d do if nothing could stop you? So here goes the true story of my most embarrassing dream.

Mija on the mike with: Jacqueline Pereda
33:11 | Episode: 4 | May 10th, 2023

Welcome back to Mija on the Mike. This week our guest is a quadruple threat: Writer, actor, director, editor and overall super talented Cuban American mija, Jacqueline Pereda. Jackie is the writer, star and creator of the HBO series: Generation Porque, a comedy series about a Cuban American girl trying to make it in the big city, with and without the help of her familia. Jackie was also our Story Editor on Spotify’s La Cabina Telefonica, Studio Ochenta’s Web nominated audio novela. In this episode,we talk about finding inspiration in being a fish out of water, honoring your family, and your characters and the power of telling your own story through fiction. Enjoy!

Mija on the Mike Solo: Alo? Mami?
6:42 | Episode: 3 | May 3rd, 2023

Every week we’re bringing you new stories, hosted by Mija. This week we’re doing a solo episode. A real story about a daughter and her mom connecting across an ocean. This is “Alo, Mami?”

Mija on the Mike with: La Gorda Feminista
26:01 | Episode: 2 | April 26th, 2023

Welcome back to Mija on the Mike, where Me, Mija interviews daughters of immigrants who are making moves in their industries around the world. Today we have Miriam Miriam Lara-Mejia AKA LA Gorda Feminista!

Mija Podcast presents: Mija on the Mike
8:18 | April 19th, 2023

A season of reflection on our experiences as daughters of immigrants.

We are nominated for a Webby!
0:29 | April 15th, 2023

We have some awesome news!

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Created by: Studio Ochenta
Started: September 17th, 2019
Status: Active, 52 episodes
Kind: Story (start at episode one)
Language: English

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