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Created by: Lyndee Prickitt

USA 6-1011+

Started: June 30th, 2020

Status: Active, 187 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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BONUS: 2024 Summer Break Episode Swap – Dorktales
00:18:29 | July 2nd, 2024

Hi Newsies! As you know, we’re on a summer break… But we’re not leaving the news pool high and dry. Oh, no! We have a few episode’s swaps in store for you with other podcasters, who are part of the fabulous Kids Listen Community. That’s a group of producers making audio content for kids. Check out their website to hear a ton of great podcasts – from factual, like ours, to fictional stories that spark the imagination. And some are a mix of fact and fiction – real information along with made-up entertainment – like Dorktales Storytime, who were swapping with this podcast. Dorktales is a kids podcast of social emotional fairy tales, hidden hero histories and lores where anything-is-possible. In this episode they uncover the life of Maya Lin, the visionary artist and architect behind one of the most visited memorials in America. Enjoy! And see you in August!

Kid News This Week: Good dirt, Indian election, new Zealandia continent, Spanish snail festival, evil laugh comp
00:22:53 | Episode: 182 | June 5th, 2024

In world news this episode, it’s World Environment Day – and that means – bring on the good dirt and soil. Plus, results are in from the world’s largest election ever held, yes, we’re talking about India. And, think you know your continents? Well, is Zealandia on your list? It should be as scientists map a newly discovered continent – hear our special report from “down under.” Also, feeling hungry? How about a handful of snails? They love them so much in Spain that thousands gather for a snail festival. And, finally, hear why some New Yorkers are getting scary with their laughs!

Kid News This Week: Asian primate self – medicates , whale alphabet, Kiwi rockets, Great Dutch racoon escape
00:20:36 | Episode: 180 | May 22nd, 2024

On kid news this week…An orangutang in Indonesia is found doing something fascinating with a leaf after he get a wound on his face we’re talking break-through self-medication! Remember our story on whale-talk? Well, we have an update on efforts to decipher the code. Plus, an update on the man who got a pig kidney transplant. Also, way down under they’re blasting rockets to the sky-find out where and why. And heard the one about the Great Dutch racoon escape? Well, you will if you stay tuned till the end!

Kid News This Week: New version of Scrabble, Indian teenage chess champ, whales “talk,” freaky fossils, stowaway cat
00:23:14 | Episode: 179 | May 8th, 2024

In wacky world news for kids this week… We have a double dose of board game news – from the release of a new, noncombative Scrabble edition to a new Indian teenage superstar on the chess scene. We give you the lowdown on both, plus some backstory about the games. Also, learn how scientists are going to use AI to translate whale-speak. Staying with nature – two freakishly huge fossils are found that might creep you out. And a stowaway cat uses one of her nine lives and gives new meaning to a prrrrrrfect parcel – to find out what happened, you gotta listen to the podcast!

Kid News This Week: Straws save coral, eco-warrior grannies, Taylor breaks records, Borneo bird nests, travel anxiety dog-squad
00:19:39 | Episode: 178 | April 24th, 2024

In honor of Earth Day we have four environment and nature stories… Talk about grasping at straws – wait till you hear about the new cages being used to protect and rebuild Florida’s dying coral reef! Speaking of the environment, you won’t believe what a big group of Swiss grannies did to get their eco-warrior credentials. Taylor Swift releases her 11 album – hear what records she broke doing so. Hear a special report about a different kind of “swifty” from Indonesia gives new meaning to “spit and sawdust” when it comes to making their nests. And in Turkey a dog-squad are on the prowl in a major airport to help relieve stressed out travelers. All that and more this week!

Kid News This Week: “Fake ” diamonds, pig transplant, a gaming granny and cross – bred croissants
00:18:28 | Episode: 177 | April 10th, 2024

In world news for kids this week… Fake diamonds are on the rise, but it’s not all as dodgy or criminal as it sounds… Also, a US man and a genetically modified pig kidney make history in a ground breaking transplant, a Scottish grandmother turns into a game rand wins a fan – following despite, or because of her grumpiness and in France the beloved breakfast bun- the croissant -is “crossbread” in more ways than one!

Kid News This Week: Wacky archaeological discoveries, 4-day work-week, Ariana’s gran rocks it, baseball’s spring training, UK soccer sock drama
00:23:20 | Episode: 176 | March 27th, 2024

In kid news this week… Researchers uncover amazing ancient and medieval tools… from the 1700-year-old egg (that still has its slimy yolk intact!) and a map that proves how well people got along. Plus, the results are in on how effective a four-day-week is, plus Ariana Grande and her grand gran break records, Major League Baseball is wrapping up its spring training before the official start of the season – we have a special report from Arizona – and two UK soccer teams give new meaning to the phrase, “pull your socks up!” Have a listen to hear all that and more in your regular dose of wacky world news!

Kid News This Week: New aquatic species, tiny loud fish, new water exoplanet, DST explained, “shroom frog.”
00:20:59 | Episode: 175 | March 13th, 2024

This week in kid news from around the world – new, wild looking aquatic species are discovered off the coast of Chile, scientist also discover the world’s tiniest loud fish from Myanmar – and when we say loud, we’re not joking! Plus, NASA observes a new planet covered in hot water, Daylight Saving (or is it Savings?!) explained and the shroom-sprouting frog India. Yes, you read that correctly. But to find out what that actually means, have a listen to this episode now!

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Created by: Lyndee Prickitt
Started: June 30th, 2020
Status: Active, 187 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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