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Created by: Hugh Huddy

UK under 5's6-1011+

Started: March 29th, 2020

Status: Active, 174 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Hugh Huddy

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170 Night murmuring in Tenby (sleep safe)
01:00:00 | Episode: 174 | June 3rd, 2023

Tenby. A seaside town on the South coast of Wales. End of May into early June. Late sunsets, followed by warm, springtime nights. It’s 1am and the mics are recording alone. Capturing the atmosphere of Tenby, in the dead of night.   

169 Ear witness report from the Hoo Peninsula May 2023
47:08 | Episode: 173 | May 27th, 2023

The Hoo Peninsula is a vast open landscape on the Thames Estuary. Huge uninhabited swathes of ground. The mics (recording alone) were lodged in a hawthorn tree on Higham Marshes nature reserve and pointed out over a watery marsh. Close to the mics lapwings, redshank and cetti’s warblers call, as well as geese and ducks that are familiar sounds to us urban dwellers. Skylarks circle above the farmland straight ahead on the other side of the marsh. Several pastures, with sheep and lambs in one, grazing cattle in the other. During the quieter periods when planes aren’t going over, cattle can clearly be heard tearing up the long grass. 

168 At the mouth of a sea cave (Lento’s best with headphones)
35:00 | Episode: 172 | May 20th, 2023

On Portland Bill. Dorset. We climb down jagged rocks. Naturally formed steps, waist deep, towards the water. Evenly uneven. Like narrow walkways. Some puddles along. Sea spray or resting rain? Now crouched down, she’s peering silently into one of the puddles. Look, she says, tiny creatures. They’re just speckles, swimming. 

167 An hour under moorland trees (rainy and sleep safe)
01:01:01 | Episode: 171 | May 13th, 2023

Just an hour. Under moorland trees. An hour to listen, to the weather, the flurries of rain. How they come and go. And the steady currents of wind. Force rising. Easing. Settling. Rising, rising again. Holding. Then easing. Blowing and sprinkling the falling raindrops over wide, waxy, sheltering leaves. 

166 Midnight waves at the foot of the sea fort (sleep safe)
30:52 | Episode: 170 | May 6th, 2023

Here, in this quiet and empty spot, only the waves can be heard, as they break sedately, upon the rocks. The waves and the velvety silence that seems to press in between them as their gentle energy is dispersed. The tree, to which the microphones are attached, and all the boulders from up which it grows, and the 18th century fort behind and to the left of the scene, remain entirely invisible to the listening ear. Or do they? 

165 Up in the hills of mid Wales
35:32 | Episode: 169 | April 29th, 2023

This episode includes lively birdsong, a trickling stream, foraging bees, a creaky pheasant flapping, a few softly passing vehicles along a country road and a gently droning propeller plane.

164 Garden rain as winter turns to spring (daydream and sleep safe)
31:58 | Episode: 168 | April 22nd, 2023

After last episode’s tumultuous waves upon a dramatic shingle shoreline, this week we retire behind the secluded walls of a little garden, at the back of a small suburban terraced house, for an altogether different sound feel. The sound feel of gentle rain, falling on an empty garden, in the quiet hours, when almost everyone is asleep. 

163 Chesil Beach (sleep safe and in high-definition sound)
25:29 | Episode: 167 | April 15th, 2023

Last week, we walked on Chesil Beach. We felt its steepness. Its shingle. Its sound. We heard its heavy waves. The way the stones are heaved back, in long, ground rumbling sweeps. A wild, brazen place.

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This is just so relaxing to listen to.


by Orange One

Created by: Hugh Huddy
Started: March 29th, 2020
Status: Active, 174 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

UKunder 5's6-1011+
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