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Created by: American Public Media

USA 6-1011+

Started: May 8th, 2018

Status: Active, 112 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Puppets vs. Acrobatics: a creative debate
00:32:15 | February 15th, 2024

Today’s debate is a theatrical showdown of two impressive acts. It’s the ultimate battle of artistry vs. agility. Get excited for Puppets vs. Acrobatics! Creator, comedian and writer KP Parker is ready to prime the pump for team Puppets and actor and writer Monica Loomba is here to advocate for acrobatics! Vote below for the team YOU think won.

Cupid Chaos: A Smarty Pass Sneak Attack
00:02:14 | February 13th, 2024

When Sanden and Ruby show up at Molly’s Valentine’s Day-themed breakfast party, they fall head-over-heels in love with objects in the photo booth prop box! Can a sneak attack save the day?

Potatoes vs. Tomatoes: A delicious debate
00:33:31 | February 8th, 2024

Today’s debate looks great on a plate, bursts forth from a garden, and is quite the bargain! On one side, we’ve got the father of french fries, the champion of chips, the hero of hashbrowns. It's potatoes! And on the other side, we’ve got the sultan of salsa, the king of ketchup, the pal of pizza. It’s tomatoes. Get your taste buds ready because it’s… potatoes versus tomatoes! Vote below for the team YOU think won.

Tie-Dye vs. Friendship Bracelets: a crafty debate
00:35:25 | February 1st, 2024

Today’s debate is a creative collection of craftsmanship. It’s a colorful spread against a twisted thread. It’s Tie-Dye vs. Friendship Bracelets! Brains On producer Aron Woldeslassie paints a picture for team Tie-Dye, while comedy writer Sam Suksiri deftly defends team Friendship Bracelets. Vote below for the team YOU think won!

Smarty Pass Bonus: Mullets vs. Mohawks
00:01:45 | January 17th, 2024

Brains On host Molly Bloom needs a haircut! The only problem is we don’t know what kind of cut she should get. Molly wants something simple, while producers Marc Sanchez and Sanden Totten think she should get a mullet or mohawk! And at Brains On HQ there's only one way to settle a dispute: with a Sneak Attack! Grab your Smarty Pass for this hair raising game!

We’re back on February 1st!
00:02:08 | January 16th, 2024

Smash Boom Best is back on Thursday, January 5th with 16 new episodes of chatty, fact-y fun!

Cone Snails vs. Tsetse Flies: a deadly debate
00:35:03 | November 16th, 2023

Today’s debate is a poisonous, blood-sucking battle between two dangerous creatures. One hides out in a decorative shell, the other buzzes ‘round like a carousel. It’s Cone Snails vs. Tsetse Flies! Radiolab co-host and science historian Latif Nasser gives it his all for the stealthy, seriously poisonous cone snail and Radiolab co-host and award-winning science reporter Lulu Miller defends the humdinger of blood suckers, tsetse flies. Head on over to and vote to tell us who YOU think won!

Capybaras vs. Komodo Dragons: a creature debate
00:31:54 | November 9th, 2023

Today’s debate is a fantastic face-off between a relaxed rodent and a raging reptile. We’ve got a cuddly meme, and a hissing, hunting machine! It’s Capybaras vs. Komodo Dragons! Brains On producer and archaeologist Anna Goldfield reps the captivating Capybaras, while writer, actor and comedian Duck Washington defends team Komodo Dragons! Which creature will be crowned the Smash Boom Best? Head on over to and vote to tell us who YOU think won!

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Created by: American Public Media
Started: May 8th, 2018
Status: Active, 112 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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