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Episode one logo Episode One: Monday, December 12 – Meet the chart topping frogs; Heartbreak and joy in World Cup finals; catching a puma; and how to own a unicorn.
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Created by: Squiz Media

Australia 6-1011+

Started: December 11th, 2022

Status: Active, 128 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Nuclear power in play; Egypt’s Marge Simpson mummy; Social media warning; and Mbappe’s nose and Ronaldo’s return.
00:10:43 | Season: 5 | Episode: 1055 | June 19th, 2024

Squiz Kids Media Literacy Survey  Your daily kids news podcast. Nuclear power in play; Egypt’s Marge Simpson mummy; Social media warning; and Mbappe’s nose and Ronaldo’s return. Get ready to hear a lot about nuclear energy! The Federal Opposition has announced plans to build nuclear power plants if they win the next election. Nuclear power is super efficient but can be dangerous. Stay tuned for more election updates! Archeologists in Egypt found a 3,500-year-old mummy with a striking resemblance to Marge Simpson! Despite the uncanny look, experts say it’s the daughter of an ancient high priest. Time travel or just a funny coincidence? You decide! Euro 2024 is on, and it’s thrilling! France, England, Portugal, and Germany are the favorites. But France faces a setback with Mbappe’s injury, while Ronaldo is back in action for Portugal. Game on, soccer fans! Squiz-E the Newshound brings big news! America’s top doctor says social media is as harmful as cigarettes and should have warning labels. Studies show too much social media can make teens anxious or depressed. Remember to think before you scroll! Thanks, Squiz-E! For the full episode transcript, click here.

A native title victory in the Sunny State; a Californian piglet pursuit; the snow-white kookaburra; and the facial-fitness gum craze.
00:10:23 | Season: 5 | Episode: 1054 | June 18th, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast. After a long 14-year legal battle, the Kabi Kabi people of South East Queensland are finally recognised as the Traditional Owners of their land. This big win means they can hunt, fish, and camp on their ancestral land, including popular spots like Noosa and Bribie Island! A California king snake caused a commotion on a busy Hong Kong train during rush hour. The train was evacuated, and the snake was safely captured. Luckily, no one, including the snake, was hurt. It was quite the scaly surprise for commuters! A new trend called ‘Facial-Fitness Gum’ claims to give young men a more defined jawline. While the gum is extra chewy, there’s no proof it actually works. It might just give you a sore jaw and lighten your wallet! A rare albino kookaburra has been spotted in Wynnum, Brisbane, delighting locals. With its pure white feathers, it looks almost magical. However, this unique bird must be careful in the sun to avoid sunburn. Piglet on the run in California. For the full episode transcript, click here.

Russia… Squiz the World
00:11:32 | Season: 5 | Episode: 1053 | June 17th, 2024

Each fortnight, we give the world globe a spin, and see where we land. Then we take the kids of Australia on an audio excursion to visit that country and its people. Join your captain, Christie Kijurina, on an audio adventure. Today, we’re off to Russia, the world’s largest country! This vast nation stretches across Europe and Asia, spanning 11 time zones and offering a rich tapestry of cultures and landscapes. Along the way, we’ll learn some Russian language, delve into its unique history, and uncover fun facts about Russia’s incredible landmarks and hearty cuisine. So buckle up and join us on the Squiz Kids Super Fast Supersonic Jetliner for an exciting adventure to Russia! For the full episode transcript, click here. LINKS: Map of Russia Simple Borscht Recipe Cyrillic Alphabet More Facts on Russia

New pandas for Adelaide Zoo; New Zealand’s whale treaty; the country kid off to the Olympics; and the lion with a watch on its tongue.
00:11:28 | Season: 5 | Episode: 1052 | June 16th, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast. Wang Wang and Fu Ni, Australia’s beloved panda duo, will head back to China at the end of the year after 15 years at Adelaide Zoo. But don’t worry, a new pair of pandas will soon take their place. In New Zealand, a Maori king has signed a pledge to treat whales like people, aiming to protect these majestic creatures. This promise hopes to ensure whales have rights to a clean and safe ocean. Other Pacific Island leaders are joining in, and they hope King Charles will too! Ben Armbruster from Stanthorpe, Queensland, stunned everyone by coming second in the 50m men’s freestyle, earning a spot in the Paris Olympics. His dedication meant early morning drives to train, proving hard work really pays off. Squiz Kids Salutes Ben and all supportive parents! Vet Chloe Buiting used an Apple i-watch to monitor a lion’s heart rate by strapping it to its tongue! Meanwhile, Kevin the Great Dane from Iowa is now the world’s tallest dog, standing 7ft high on his hind legs. This gentle giant loves cuddles but is scared of vacuums! For the full episode transcript, click here.

Panda diplomacy in Adelaide; Mars’ snowy mountains; Elephants have names; and the fake Tassie Tiger.
00:09:51 | Season: 5 | Episode: 1050 | June 12th, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast. Adelaide’s buzzing as China’s Premier visits, ready to decide if pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni will stay! It’s a huge deal since it’s the first top Chinese leader visit in seven years. The whole city is tidying up for this special occasion. In Kenya, elephants have been found calling each other by name! Scientists used AI to decode their sounds, revealing a whole new level of elephant intelligence. Turns out, elephants are even more like us than we thought, even shouting their kids’ names! Mars has volcanoes three times taller than Mt. Everest, and they’re covered in frost! This discovery hints at water on Mars, making the idea of humans living there more possible. Imagine skiing down a massive Martian volcano! Squiz-E the Newshound sniffed out fake photos of the supposedly extinct Tasmanian Tiger. Experts debunked these fuzzy images as fake, likely staged with a dummy dog. Remember, always stop, think, and check online info! Thanks, Squiz-E! For the full episode notes, click here.

Celebs take and icy plunge; asparagus predicts an English win; a prehistoric platypus find; and grown-ups go gaga for toys.
00:11:50 | Season: 5 | Episode: 1049 | June 11th, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast. Get ready for a cool story! At the Demons vs Collingwood footy match, over 88,000 fans rocked blue beanies for Neale Daniher’s ‘Big Freeze at the G’. Celebrities slid into icy baths dressed as rock stars, raising a whopping $3 million for Motor Neuron Disease. Talk about a chilly way to help! Find out more or donate. Hold onto your asparagus! Jemima Packington, the world’s only asparamancer, predicts England will win the UEFA Euro 2024 by tossing asparagus spears. Her veggie predictions have been spot-on before, so England’s soccer fans are hoping for a magical win! Travel back in time! Scientists in Lightning Ridge, Australia, unearthed six ancient monotreme fossils, including three never-before-seen species. Imagine a mix of a platypus and echidna ruling the prehistoric world. All hail the mighty monotreme! Guess what? Adults in the USA spent a whopping $2.7 billion on toys this year! From rare Bluey coins to vintage comics, grown-ups are rediscovering the magic of playtime. Who says toys are just for kids? For the full episode notes, click here.

Your Shortcut to…Vanquished Viruses and Banished Bacteria
00:13:34 | Season: 5 | Episode: 1048 | June 10th, 2024

We’ll take you through WHAT illnesses people used to worry about, HOW they treated them, and WHY we don’t have to fear them as much today. So let’s plunge into the Petrie dish of pestilence and find out. For the full episode transcript, click here. Link to Classroom Resources

Kings and soldiers celebrate D-Day; Rocket collects moon rocks; State of Origin blockbuster; and Squiz-E sniffs a deepfake.
00:11:06 | Season: 5 | Episode: 1046 | June 5th, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast. Today marks the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Landings! Kings, presidents, and prime ministers are gathering in France to remember the brave soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandie. The real stars of the show? The heroic veterans who were there 80 years ago, fighting for freedom! A Chinese spaceship has collected rocks from the far side of the Moon for the first time ever! This cool mission is part of an exciting space race to get humans back on the Moon and maybe even build a base there. Science rocks, literally! State against state and mate against mate. The New South Wales Blues took to the field against the Queensland Maroons for an epic Rugby League battle. As the UK gears up for elections, fake news is spreading like wildfire on TikTok! Deep fake videos and misleading memes are everywhere, but we know better than to believe everything we see online. Remember: Stop. Think. Check. Be a smart Newshound! For the full episode transcript, click here.

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Created by: Squiz Media
Started: December 11th, 2022
Status: Active, 128 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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