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Created by: Story Pirates & Striking Viking

USA under 5's6-10

Started: October 17th, 2013

Status: Active, 342 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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DJ Squirm-a-Lot’s Summer Mixtape 2024
00:44:53 | Season: 6 | Episode: 42 | July 3rd, 2024

A brand new mixtape from the world’s greatest DJ who also happens to be a worm, the perfect soundtrack to your summer road trips, BBQ’s, pool parties and more! And grownups, pre-save our new album Key Change World at for a chance to win a personalized video from DJ Squirm-a-Lot for your kids!

The Superhero Who Didn’t Know How To Save
00:18:14 | Season: 6 | Episode: 41 | June 27th, 2024

Have you ever wondered what your superpower would be if YOU were a superhero? What if your superpower was something that you already have, and you just didn’t realize it? Today’s brand new story, written by Naomi, age 7, in Minnesota, is about a character who discovers just that.

The Baby Who Never Grew
00:16:33 | Season: 6 | Episode: 40 | June 20th, 2024

Have you ever heard the saying ‘babies grow up so fast’? Well it’s true! Except in today’s brand new story by a 7 year old in Florida named Charlie.

The Dad and the Magician
00:17:39 | Season: 6 | Episode: 38 | June 13th, 2024

Today’s new story is about two of life’s great mysteries: magic and dads. Written by a nine year old from Washington DC named Amara.

The Ruler of the Book World
00:18:46 | Season: 6 | Episode: 37 | June 6th, 2024

There’s nothing like curling up with a good book, is there? Unless, maybe, those books come to life? Today’s brand new story comes to us from a nine year old in Michigan named Max.

Frosty and The Mohawk
00:12:41 | Season: 6 | Episode: 36 | June 3rd, 2024

Today’s bonus episode features a brand new story written by over a hundred different members of the Story Pirates Creator Club!  The next Create a Story session is coming July 20th at 1:30pm ET.  Grownups, your kids can join Peter and Lee to make a new story in a virtual Create a Story session on July 20th and hear it come to life on the podcast! Create a Story Zooms happen four times per year for our Premium Creator Club members. To join us, sign up for a Premium membership at All Creator Club memberships also include Podcast Plus, where you can hear even more bonus episodes like this one and listen to the Story Pirates Podcast ad-free!

When Nachos Become Smart
00:17:42 | Season: 6 | Episode: 35 | May 30th, 2024

Today we bring you the story of nachos who are intent on taking over the world, and the mom they claim as their queen, written by a 12 year old from Canada named Olivia.

The Highest Bidder
00:15:48 | Season: 6 | Episode: 34 | May 23rd, 2024

We’re back with a new story every week until season 7 starts in the fall! Today we have for you the story of an auction gone wrong, written by 12 year old from Wisconsin named Liam.

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Top Story Pirate’s silliness, love the film noir / hardboiled cop character!


by Orange One

Created by: Story Pirates & Striking Viking
Started: October 17th, 2013
Status: Active, 342 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

USAunder 5's6-10
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