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Created by: Storynory

UK under 5's6-10

Started: July 5th, 2021

Status: Active, 60 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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The Cat Who Wanted to be a Monkey
16:38 | December 5th, 2022

Two funny stories about our tricky Monkey. The are both about wanting the impossible! In the first, Baby Bushcat wants to be a monkey – so he can play and have fun all day. In the second story, the Monkey wants to fly – but ends up falling – for a trick – and literally falling too! Thank you to Wondery for supporting the show. Check out Flip & Mozi’s Guide to How to be an Earthling for fun and education.

Ramayana 2 – The Bow of Shiva
26:27 | November 26th, 2022

Rama tries to string the Bow of Shiva and win the hand in marriage of Princess Sita

Oh Lord of the Whole Universe
03:04 | November 18th, 2022

A Hindu prayer sung by Jana.  The words are universal. 

Ramayana Part 1
27:31 | October 27th, 2022

The Hindu gods are unhappy because demons are attacking the holy men who bring harmony to the world. The demons are sent by the evil Ravana, who cannot be killed by a god, but only by a man. The gods decide that Vishnu will be born in mortal form to take on Ravana.. In the Kingdom of Ayodhya, King Dasharatha longs for a son. Then his wives give birth to four sons, one of whom is Rama, the most powerful human alive.

Halloween Skeleton in the Cupboard
20:27 | October 10th, 2022

The Dutch Hotel is getting ready for Halloween. The Jones family, who manage the hotel, have an even more important event – the arrival of Grandma from Cyprus. Her name is Eleni, and she is not short of opinions about everything. She also reveals some of Mum’s secrets (Mum’s name is Angeleki) and the kids, Nafsi and Yogi, want to learn more. Why was mum afraid of ghosts when she was young? And why is she so against all superstition now?

Katie’s Botanical Birthday
12:32 | September 30th, 2022

Katie’s birthday is on its way. Last year her mum gave her a book on Botany! This time she wants some rollerblades and a computer. But her mum thinks that rollerblades are dangerous and computers cost a lot of money. She goes for a walk in the botanical gardens with her best friend, Isis. They are surprised to see Katie’s cat, Solomon, is there too. So Katie turns Isis and herself into cats, and they follow Solomon through the undergrowth. What do they discover? Katie the Witch returns to Storynory!

Sir Buzz
19:35 | September 20th, 2022

BZZZZZZZ! A failytale from India about a magical Soldier called Sir Buzz who plays the part of a Genie.

The Princess and the Un-Golden fish
22:25 | September 12th, 2022

The young Princess Beatrice saves an un-golden fish. The fish grants her three wishes. She is torn. Should she make unselfish wishes for the world? Or think of herself?  A funny fairytale from our Prince Bertie series.  In the real world, we extend our respects to Her Majesty the Queen who lived unselfishly and with enormous dignity. 

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Created by: Storynory
Started: July 5th, 2021
Status: Active, 60 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

UKunder 5's6-10
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