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Created by: Storynory

UK under 5's6-10

Started: May 27th, 2022

Status: Active, 60 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Birdy and the Other Bird
21:43 | May 8th, 2024

Birdy is a rather special crow who can talk. He’s befriended a boy called Jake, who thinks that Birdy is unique – a true one off – until, well listen to the story and find out. And at the end of the story we have a bonus, an excerpt from our friends at the Stories, Science and Secrets podcast.

Narcissus (Greek Myth)
06:27 | April 20th, 2024

Ever heard someone called ‘narcissistic’? It means they love themselves a LOT. The word comes from an ancient Greek boy named Narcissus who was so into his own reflection, he forgot about everything else! Imagine missing out on life because you’re too busy looking in a mirror. A water nymph named Echo tried to say “hi” to him but he was too in love with his own reflection to notice her. You could say Narcissus invented the Selfie! Remember, it’s great to feel good about yourself, but don’t forget the world around you! Read by Natasha Adapted by Bertie (from Ovid)

Introducing Stories, Science & Secrets
02:27 | April 18th, 2024

Introducing Stories, Science & Secrets, a podcast by our friends Elaine and Matthew Sweetapple along with the comedian Steve Punt. Our fellow Brits! Follow a dog called Rockford and a boy called Moog on a fantastic adventure and learn all sorts of stuff that is too interesting for school!

The Vanity Cat
11:21 | March 23rd, 2024

A cat is in love with a human princess. But he takes no notice of her … until the cat transforms into a human princess. Based on fable by Aesop. Do you think there will be a fairy tale ending? Read by Jana. Written by Bertie for Storynory.

The Monkey and the Flea
11:07 | March 4th, 2024

Our cheeky monkey is bothered by an itchy flea. The flea claims he’s “just like the monkey”. What do you think? Read by Jana and written by Bertie for Storynory.

Katie and the Cat Teacher
14:19 | February 19th, 2024

Katie is learning Latin – the language of the ancient Romans – at school. What’s the point of this deadbeat language? Her mother says there is every point to learning Latin, especially if you are a witch who needs to understand magic. And as Katie is not making much progress, her mother finds her a Latin Tutor – a highly unusual one as it turns out. Read by Natasha.  Written by Bertie. 

The Chinese Year of the Dragon 2024
05:59 | February 7th, 2024

Happy Chinese Year of Dragon 2024! All over the world, including London’s Chinatown, you can see Chinese processions with banging drums, clashing symbols and a dragon dance performance. This story celebrates the rain-making qualities of Chinese Dragons

Stories, Science and Secrets Interview
16:53 | January 21st, 2024

We talk to our friends Matthew and Elaine Sweetapple, the Creators of Lost on Infinity by Rockford’s Rock Opera, and we play the first episode of their story which now features in their Stories, Science and Secrets Podcast. The musical story of a dog called Rockford who travels to an island of extinct animals has been on our website for many years and is very popular.  The new podcast reveals the science secrets behind the story.

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Created by: Storynory
Started: May 27th, 2022
Status: Active, 60 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

UKunder 5's6-10
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