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Created by: CBC

Canada 6-1011+

Started: August 28th, 2018

Status: Active, 45 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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How do we fix recycling?
00:30:46 | Season: 4 | Episode: 10 | June 22nd, 2022

Tai tries to do his part by recycling whenever he can. But it turns out just tossing stuff into the blue bin doesn't do a whole lot: less than 10 percent of our plastic waste actually gets recycled, with the rest either ending up in landfill, burned or shipped overseas! How did we get here? Tai turns to people looking for creative ways to tackle trash around the world, and learns how we can all be more mindful of what we decide to throw away.

Are we alone in the universe?
00:28:50 | Season: 4 | Episode: 8 | June 8th, 2022

So far, the only intelligent life we know of is right here on Earth — us! But could there be life on other planets just waiting to be discovered? In this episode, Tai goes deep in the cosmos to explore how scientists are searching for signs of life beyond our little blue dot, and what their work can tell us about our place in the universe.

How do animals know where they’re going?
00:27:52 | Season: 4 | Episode: 7 | June 1st, 2022

We know birds can travel large distances day or night, rain or shine, even if they’ve never migrated before. If you confuse a spiny lobster and drop it far from home, it can still find its way back. How do they do that? In this episode, Tai discovers the mysterious and mind-boggling ways animals navigate.

Why is math so hard to love?
00:29:11 | Season: 4 | Episode: 6 | May 25th, 2022

To listeners of this podcast, it’s no secret that Tai loves math. But he knows that a lot of people, including his friends, definitely don’t feel the same way. In this episode, Tai uncovers why math gets such a bad rap, and if there’s any truth to the well-worn phrase: “I’m just not a math person!”

Why do we love junk food so much?
00:31:09 | Season: 4 | Episode: 5 | May 18th, 2022

Pizza, chips, gummy worms and wings — these are a few of Tai’s favourite things! He just can’t get enough of their sugary, fatty, salty goodness, even though he knows they’re not exactly good *for* you. But why does he find those foods so irresistible in the first place? In this episode, Tai unravels the science behind our food cravings and how companies use it to formulate products that hook us in.

How reliable are our memories?
00:31:14 | Season: 4 | Episode: 4 | May 11th, 2022

Whether they're happy, sad or the embarrassing kind we'd rather forget, memories play a big part in our lives. They shape our identities, help us connect with others and allow us to learn from our past. But can we trust that our memories are accurate? In this episode, Tai digs deep into how memory works in the brain, and enlists the help of experts to interpret a particularly scary childhood memory.

What can I do when I’m anxious?
00:34:27 | Season: 4 | Episode: 3 | May 4th, 2022

Tai’s recently been experiencing a new, unsettling feeling that he just can’t always shake. His parents suggest it’s anxiety, and according to his friends, he’s not alone. But why does it have to feel so awful? In this episode, Tai looks for ways to manage his anxiety and where he can turn to for help.

What will money look like in the future?
00:30:33 | Season: 4 | Episode: 2 | April 27th, 2022

Tai loves paying for stuff with his mobile wallet. It's quick, convenient and his pockets have never been lighter! Technology has made it easier than ever to interact with money, which has Tai wondering: will physical cash eventually be a thing of the past? From cows to cryptocurrency, Tai traces the evolution of money to see if its history can offer clues to where it’s headed next.

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Created by: CBC
Started: August 28th, 2018
Status: Active, 45 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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