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This is a serialised ongoing story, so jumping in at episode 10, for example, could confuse matters. Give episode one a try, and if you like it; listen to things from there.

Created by: Dale Shaw

UK 6-10

Started: August 20th, 2022

Status: Complete, 28 episodes

Kind: Story (start at episode one)

Language: English

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Episode 28
00:05:54 | Season: 1 | Episode: 28 | August 21st, 2022

Our thrilling adventure concludes! Gunston is saved and everything is explained and sorted out (sort of).

Episode 20
00:05:02 | Season: 1 | Episode: 20 | August 21st, 2022

Gunston is trying to find out why underpants are suddenly talking to him and who left a threatening note on his front door. He decides to climb the highest hill in town (for unclear reasons) and soon comes face to face with a wizard. The wizard explains everything to Gunston, including the evil plan of the pants, but sadly Gunston isn't really listening properly.

Episode 19
00:04:34 | Season: 1 | Episode: 19 | August 21st, 2022

Gunston is in trouble with his mother as her front door has been damaged. And he still has no idea where all these talking underpants are coming from and what they want from him. He decides to investigate but soon looses the only clue he has. Because he's an idiot. But who is the wizard?

Episode 18
00:04:57 | Season: 1 | Episode: 18 | August 21st, 2022

Gunston, who has lost one pair of talking underpants only to find another pair of talking underpants, has been threatened with a note demanding the pants back. And Gunston's mother is very angry about the damage to her front door. So he has to face THE BOOTH!

Episode 17
00:05:08 | Season: 1 | Episode: 17 | August 21st, 2022

Gunston, in trying to find out why underpants were suddenly talking to him all the time, had found a mysterious note attached to his front door with a dagger. The talking pants are shady and Gunston's mother is annoyed.

Episode 16
00:05:01 | Season: 1 | Episode: 16 | August 21st, 2022

Gunston's grandfather had completely failed to get to the bottom of is talking underpants dilemma. So Gunston decided to give up which pleased his greatly. But then he spotted something unsettling attached to his front door.

Episode 15
00:05:08 | Season: 1 | Episode: 15 | August 21st, 2022

Gunston has turned to his grandfather for help as his life is now full of talking underpants and he doesn't really understand why. His grandfather suggests they speak to the mysterious Pedron. Although his grandfather is usually wrong about absolutely everything.

Episode 27
00:04:45 | Season: 1 | Episode: 27 | August 21st, 2022

Gunston has discovered that mysterious talking underpants are planning to take over the world. A massive pant army has just appeared led by Mr. Payne? All seems lost for Gunston as the pants swarm over him. But then a surprising figure shows up.

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Created by: Dale Shaw
Started: August 20th, 2022
Status: Complete, 28 episodes
Kind: Story (start at episode one)
Language: English

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