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On this episode of The Middle School Mind podcast, we talk about throwback SNES games that are available on Nintendo Switch Online. Son highlights his Top 5 SNES games available on the Nintendo Switch Online.

Here’s what we cover on this episode:

  • How to access the SNES games through Nintendo Switch Online
  • Son lists his Top 5 games he plays on the SNES

5. The Peace Keepers (1994)

  • Beat ‘em up arcade game with sweet 80’s music.
  • Son likes to play as Al who looks like Rock and uses a Rocket Launcher

4. Super Mario World (1990)

  • You can hatch and ride Yoshi in this game
  • This game also has the super cape option that lets you fly

3. Super Punch Out (1994)

  • No Mike Tyson
  • Your first fight is again 1-99 Gabby Jay, a grandfatherly figure that no boxing organization should allow to fight professionally

2. Super Tennis (1991)

  • It’s fun to play this tennis game either with a friend or against the CPU
  • We are not that great at this game and the graphics are a slight step up from the Original NES – I guess that’s what makes it Super Tennis

Before we list Son’s top SNES game available on the Nintendo Switch Online, we have a few honorable (or dishonorable) mentions:

1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991)

  • This is an old time Zelda game, not an open sandbox world like Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Son has invested a lot of time playing this game

Finally, Son has a final SNES game that will only frustrate you. Don’t play this because it’s crazy hard.

Thank you to all of our listeners! In a future episode, we want to recognize the cities and towns where listeners are finding The Middle School Mind! No, we are not stalking you. We are just curious who is listening to our show and please reach out to us and leave a positive review and feedback!

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