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Episode one logoEpisode One: March 13, 2021

This is an Episodic show. You can listen to it in any order, but episode one is always a great place to start.

Full Episode description

Hour #1

The Boogers – “SMCB Theme Song”

Kiddy Rocks – “Dino Dance”
The Thinking Caps – “The Beach” [Be Yourself]
Dubioza kolektiv – “Internetska”
Parry Gripp show ID
Parry Gripp – “Easter Bunny in Space”
Paper Bag Party – “Theme Song”
The Bazillions – “Tommy Got in Trouble Today” [Rock-n-Roll Recess]

Michael & the Rockness Monsters show ID
Michael & the Rockness Monsters – “Similarities” [Similarities]
Formidable Vegetable – “Get a Goat”
The SOKS – “I Burnt My Tongue” [The Stuff Our Kids Say]
Flula Borg & Go Banana Go! – “Funky Fresh” [It’s For You]
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips – “Jelly Beans!”
Baze & His Silly Friends – “My Family” [Toddlerville] 

Danny Weinkauf show ID
Danny Weinkauf – “There’s No Place Like Home (feat. Tina Kenny)”
Cat Stevens – “School is Out”
Little Parade – “Floating Through the Breeze”
Vered – “Little Bit Tough” [Songs For Sisters and Brothers]
Ratboy Jr. – “Ground Food” [Hamster Dance]
Mi Amigo Hamlet & Alina Celeste – “Guacamole”

The Deedle Deedle Dees – “Drum” [Freedom in a Box]

Hour #2

The Story Pirates show ID
The Story Pirates – “I Have a Cookie (feat. Eddie Cooper)”
Jazzy Ash – “Teddy Bear” [Good Foot]
Erica Rabner – “We Got This” [We Got This]
Pierce Freelon – “Movies and Popcorn and Video Games” [D.a.d.]
Kymberly Stewart – “Down Down Up Up” [Giggles and Curls]
Big Sam’s Funky Nation – “Hokey Pokey” [VA: Funky Kidz]

Tim Kubart show ID
Tim Kubart – “Bigger” [Building Blocks]
Señor Fancypants – “Astronaut” [Señor Fancypants]
The Jolly Pops – “Picnic Place” [We Are Happy Dads]
Fun Run – “Part of the Rainbow”
Music With Michal – “Hot Cross Buns”
Lucky Diaz – “Blue Bear” [Luckiest Adventure]

fleaBITE show ID
fleaBITE – “Liver Lover” [Bite Me]
Rabbit! – “Submarine” [Happiness is Simple]
Professor Jefferson Band – “Try Try Again” [Hello]
Johnny & the Raindrops – “I Can’t See the Air”
Elena Moon Park – “Musikaru Ride to the Mountain” [Unhurried Journey]
Captain & Cat – “Let it Out” [The Adventures of Captain & Cat]

Grenadilla – “The Way it Goes” [Can’t Wait]

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