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Created by: Nate

USA 6-1011+

Started: July 18th, 2015

Status: Active, 105 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Recent Episodes

093: The Physics of Baseball with Alan Nathan
00:20:30 | August 3rd, 2022

Alan Nathan has been a Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois since 1977, but for the past 10 years, he has expanded his research interests to focus on the physics of baseball. His work looks at the dynamics of the collision between the ball and bat and the aerodynamics of a baseball in flight. On this episode of The Show About Science, he joins Nate to talk about what every baseball player should understand about physics and how that knowledge could improve their game.

092: The Kings of Pain with Adam Thorn and Rob Alleva
00:14:12 | May 25th, 2022

The History Channel show, “Kings of Pain,” follows wildlife biologist Adam Thorn and professional animal handler Rob “Caveman” Alleva as they get bitten and stung by some of the most dangerous animals and vicious stinging insects in the world. On this episode of The Show About Science, Nate goes behind the scenes to learn how they’re working to create a complete and comprehensive pain index that will ultimately help save lives.

091: Proteins and Proteomics with Neil Kelleher
00:23:32 | May 4th, 2022

Proteins are one of the main drivers of human diseases. Scientists are now mapping all of the proteins in the human body in a similar way to how the Human Genome Project mapped genes. On this episode of The Show About Science, Neil Kelleher, PhD invites Nate to his lab on the campus of Northwestern University to explain how it all works.

090: The Tale of Tails with Bo Xia
00:13:39 | February 8th, 2022

Why don’t I have a tail? That’s the question that Bo Xia asked himself when he was a little kid. Bo is now a PhD candidate at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. Bo’s latest research attempts to answer his childhood question by identifying the mutation that resulted in ancestral humans losing their tails. On this episode of The Show About Science, Nate and Bo talk about his work and why this mutation may have happened.

089: The Fungi Hunt with Ellen Holste
00:18:40 | September 21st, 2021

Hidden ten miles south of Hastings, Michigan and only accessible via an old gravel road is the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, a nature center and biological field station. On this episode of The Show About Science, we meet Ellen Holste, PhD. Ellen is the Community Program Manager at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute and our tour guide into the amazing world of fungi. Be prepared to learn and have some fun as we scour the prairie for all sorts of fungus.

088: Time Travel with Paul Davies
00:16:17 | August 11th, 2021

Paul Davies is a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University where he leads the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science. His research focuses mainly on quantum gravity, the theory of quantum black holes and the nature of time. On this episode of The Show About Science, he joins Nate to talk about the science of time travel.

087: The Search in the Stars with Wael Farah
00:15:39 | June 24th, 2021

Wael Farah is a research scientist at the SETI Institute, where he searches the stars for alien life. The Allen Telescope Array (ATA), where Wael conducts his research, is located at the Hat Creek Observatory in Northern California. The ATA is a collection of 42 relatively small dishes (antennas) that are designed to work together for SETI searches.

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Created by: Nate
Started: July 18th, 2015
Status: Active, 105 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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