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Created by: Tumble Media

USA 6-1011+

Started: February 24th, 2015

Status: Active, 232 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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The Alien Bacteria Abduction
00:19:44 | Season: 9 | Episode: 13 | April 12th, 2024

Scientists stage an alien abduction to learn how bacteria avoid antibiotics, in this fact-meets-fiction episode! Meet our alien bacteria invaders (fiction) and our real life scientist, Caroline Blassick (fact) as they face off in a battle of microbial life and death. We’ll find out how Caroline implants mind-control devices in bacteria to improve human health, in bioengineer Mary Dunlop’s lab. Our bacteria are played by Clara and Elijah, middle school STEM students.  This episode is supported by the National Science Foundation under award number MCB 2032357.  Learn more about “alien bacteria” on the bonus interview episode on our Patreon, at  We have more free resources about bacteria and antibiotics available on the blog on our website,

Can We See Black Holes?
00:20:28 | Season: 9 | Episode: 12 | March 29th, 2024

Why can’t we see black holes? Can we see black holes with a telescope? That’s what Tumble listener James wants to know. We explore the science of supermassive black holes and gravitational waves, with the help of astronomer Maura McLaughlin. Find out how the LIGO telescope is aiding in the search for supermassive black holes on an intergalactic collision course!

The Songs of Spiders
00:18:31 | Season: 9 | Episode: 11 | March 15th, 2024

What does a spider web sound like? Join us as we weave a web of connections between science and music – and learn some truly mind-blowing facts about spiders! MIT scientist and musician Markus Buehler shares his journey into the spiderverse, turning spider silk into instruments and making materials from nature. 

A Kid’s Guide to the Total Eclipse
00:22:48 | Season: 9 | Episode: 9 | March 1st, 2024

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse is coming to the United States! Join us for Tumble’s Eclipse Spectacular with games, music, and a thrilling audio experience to learn what it’s like to be on the path of totality. Eclipse expert Vivian White guides us and our listeners through the mysteries of this rare astronomical event. You’ll be singing our new song, “Total Eclipse of the Sun” with your eclipse glasses on!  Hear our bonus interview episode with Vivian on our Patreon feed at, when you pledge just $1 or more a month. There’s more free resources to learn about the eclipse on the blog on our website, “Total Eclipse of the Sun” will be available on Spotify by eclipse day! 

The Case of the Molecular Detective
00:18:28 | Season: 9 | Episode: 8 | February 16th, 2024

When human health is on the line, it’s a case for a molecular detective! Meet Mona Minkara, a scientist who studies molecular clues to solve big crimes inside the body. She’s tracking down the criminals who creep into our bodies to make us sick. Find out how Mona uses her powers of observation to solve mysteries just like her hero, Sherlock Holmes.

The Swift Quake
00:28:02 | Season: 9 | Episode: 8 | February 2nd, 2024

How do you think a stadium full of Taylor Swift fans would shake the earth? Tumble enters the Swiftiverse with Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, the scientist who discovered the “Swift Quake” – a type of earthquake created by fans at Taylor Swift concerts. Find out who really “shakes it off” – when it comes to music and seismic energy.

How Did Humans Create Language?
00:20:25 | Season: 9 | Episode: 7 | January 19th, 2024

What are the origins of human language? That’s what Elliana wants to know. Linguist Robert Englebretson joins us for a time travel adventure to unravel the mysteries of a question that has stumped scientists for centuries. 

Tumble’s 150th Episode Quiz Show!
00:23:07 | Season: 9 | Episode: 6 | January 5th, 2024

It’s Tumble’s 150th episode! To celebrate, we had a Quiz Show with four of our biggest fans. Hear our Patrons Zoe, Kai, Eleanor and Avery compete in Tumble trivia with questions from episodes across all nine seasons of our podcast!

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Created by: Tumble Media
Started: February 24th, 2015
Status: Active, 232 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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