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Created by: Sangeetha

India 6-1011+

Started: September 20th, 2021

Status: Active, 138 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Epi 120: From the diary of an alien – how 3D printers print cheescakes for children
00:08:25 | May 22nd, 2023

Ink and paper was all that we think of, when the printer comes to our mind.But if we told you that you could order a cheesecake at the printer. Scientists at Columbia University recently introduced a 3D printing machine for children to choose which toppings and what flavours they would like on each cheesecake

Epi 119: ChatGPT and Google – how do they differ? Is ChatGPT going to take over the world?
00:15:55 | May 18th, 2023

In this podcast episode, we dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, exploring the distinctions between two powerful tools: ChatGPT and Google, and pondering the question of whether ChatGPT is poised to dominate the future.

Epi 118: India won its first ever Men's Doubles Gold at Badminton Asia in 2023
00:15:15 | May 11th, 2023

Chirag Shetty and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy won the men's doubles finals at Badminton Asia – the first pair from India to have won this in 58 years. We are familiar with Saina Nehwal and P.V.Sindhu – two Indians who made India proud by winning Olympic medals. Now Chirag and Satwiksairaj bring badminton once again into centrestage.

Epi 117: Why Pepsi changed its logo (part 2)
00:17:54 | May 11th, 2023

Walt Disney used to take his children to neighbourhood parks. He felt disappointed with the kind of experiences these parks had to offer. He had grand ideas of building something more interesting. That's how Disney theme parks came to be about. About this time, he had already started making animation movies. So combining the fairy tale characters he was showing in his movies with the fabulous theme parks he built, we get the logo of Disney – castle plus the words DISNEY.

Epi 116: Why Pepsi changed its logo (part 1)
00:17:11 | May 8th, 2023

5 rings bring images of sports and victories in the Olympic. 4 rings shift our minds towards cars and the company Audi. A tick mark takes us to shoes and the company Nike. The letter G now represents the all-important Gmail. 

Epi 115: Re-shark – why baby sharks are being grown in shark schools and released into the wild
00:12:55 | May 4th, 2023

Project Re-shark is an initiative to bring more sharks into our oceans. While some people have been busy over-fishing sharks, a few others have taken it upon themselves to grow baby sharks in aquariums and then releasing them back into the wild. 

Epi 114: Why satellites from OneWeb will help us access youtube videos from ships, planes and thick forests
00:13:58 | May 1st, 2023

No longer do you need to worry if your mobile phones are near or far from telecom towers. No longer do you need to think about whether you'll get internet access when you are vacationing in some far off place, away from civilization, or up on a mountain or on a cruise ship far away from land.

Epi 113: AI art – how do intelligent laptops draw, paint and colour on their own?
00:18:55 | April 24th, 2023

If there were a genie that said – name your wish and I'll show you a picture of how your wishes or dreams would look, we seem to have found it.It goes by the name 'artificial intelligence for art'. In the past few months, many such engines generate art after you give them a prompt. You could go wild with your imagination and even ask for – 'show me a picture of a lion sitting in an office typing out an email, with a unicorn munching a cracker next to it'.

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Created by: Sangeetha
Started: September 20th, 2021
Status: Active, 138 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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