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Created by: Atomic Entertainment

USA 6-1011+

Started: September 25th, 2020

Status: Active, 362 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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Atomic Entertainment

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What’s the fastest anyone’s ever solved a Rubik’s Cube?
00:15:01 | January 25th, 2023

Was there actually a Rubik who invented a toy cube? What is the secret to solving a Rubik’s Cube? Can people solve a Rubik’s Cube while blindfolded?

Who thought to add Jelly to Peanut Butter sandwiches?
00:10:41 | January 23rd, 2023

What was early Peanut Butter like? What is jelly made of? How did the PBJ sandwich become so popular?

What should you do if you’re feeling… Stressed out?
00:17:40 | January 20th, 2023

Where does Stress come from? What happens in your body when you’re feeling Stressed out? Do animals also feel Stressed out too?

Is Infinity the largest number?
00:16:38 | January 18th, 2023

How big IS infinity? In this very special episode of Who Smarted? the Trusty Narrator meets Thanos, learns about how big infinity is, builds an Infinity Cube, and discovers a number so big there isn’t enough room for it in the universe.

What causes a tornado to form?
00:14:18 | January 16th, 2023

How long does the average tornado last? What makes tornadoes so dangerous? Where can you find Tornado Alley?

Is Friday the 13th actually an unlucky day?
00:15:26 | January 13th, 2023

How did Friday the 13th come to be considered unlucky? Why is 13 thought to be an unlucky number? Are superstitions real?

Where does Electricity come from?
00:17:16 | January 11th, 2023

What exactly is, Electricity? How was Electricity discovered? And who really discovered it?

Why do you have Fingernails?
00:12:29 | January 9th, 2023

Are Fingernails really made from non-living cells? Why is there a white half-moon on your Fingernails? Why do they grow longer than we need them to?

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Created by: Atomic Entertainment
Started: September 25th, 2020
Status: Active, 362 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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