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Created by: Studio Ochenta

USA 11+

Started: December 10th, 2021

Status: Active, 53 episodes

Kind: Episodic

Language: English

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EXCLUSIVE SNEAKPEAK: Love, Gods, and Other Intelligent Systems
1:58 | February 28th, 2024

At Ochenta, we’ve just released a new audiobook for Valentine’s Month: Love, Gods, and Other Intelligent Systems, based on our podcast Love Items. If you’ve already listened to Cloe and Eloc’s story about finding true love, don’t worry. In this audiobook, you’ll delve deep into the most intriguing questions of Love Items: Why did Eloc gain all of her magical powers in the first place? What was at stake on planet Earth while Cloe was trying to find the right one?

Atlas Linguae Recommends: Ochenta Cuentos Season 5!
3:17 | November 30th, 2023

Studio Ochenta presents: Ochenta Cuentos Season 5! Bringing 10 brand new stories from Colombia , Argentina , México , Chile , Ecuador and Paraguay . This time, we’re showcasing stories about endings – the end of a journey, the end of a trail road, the end of a flight through space…

Un mundo de acentos, con Bryan Rey
39:46 | Episode: 11 | November 20th, 2023

Este es un episodio especial en español de Atlas Linguae en el que hablamos con Bryan Rey (@bryanreyy_). Bryan es un creador de contenido de Colombia y se ha vuelto famoso en sus redes sociales por su habilidad para hablar con mucha precisión en acentos de otros países de habla hispana, así como de diferentes regiones de su propio país. En este episodio hablamos con Bryan sobre de dónde surgió su pasión por descubrir y aprender diferentes acentos en español, cómo estructura sus videos para que sean divertidos y culturalmente precisos, y cómo fue que logró–desde tan temprana edad–dominar el acento chileno.  

Do you identify as Latinx?
4:22 | November 16th, 2023

What’s the story behind the word Latinx and why is there so much reporting about how divisive it is? On this week’s episode we talk to writers and comedians Michael Díaz (@juanbago) and Jaime Fernández (@jfernz) about their work, including a video they worked on about the term Latinx, and about how they seek to lift up creative Latinx voices.

Representation through comedy, with Michael Díaz and Jaime Fernández
43:39 | November 6th, 2023

For this episode, we have not one, but TWO guests: two Latinos who are great writers, actors, comedians, collaborators, but above all, friends: Michael Díaz and Jaime Fernández.

Houston’s Nigerian Community
3:20 | November 2nd, 2023

The city of Houston, Texas, has a large and culturally very active Nigerian population. When we talked to Nigerian-American content creator Beverly Adaeze for Atlas Linguae, who was born in Lagos and raised in Houston, we decided to learn more about why this city has become such a cultural hub not just for Nigeria, but for West Africa in general.

Around the world with Beverly Adaeze
35:22 | October 23rd, 2023

Beverly Adaeze is a content creator, travel vlogger, wedding MC, and hairstylist born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in Houston, Texas. Her content is a mix of travel tips, Nigerian culture, and humor. In our conversation, we talked about her different talents and how they benefit each other, as well as some of her favorite trips. 

No, I’ll pay the bill
3:28 | October 19th, 2023

Did you know that the tradition of arguing over who pays the bill, an all too common scene in Arab families, has a cultural significance? Our latest guest on Atlas Linguae, Toufic Braidi, talks about how one of the things he misses the most from his life in Beirut are these heated, but ultimately wholesome and well-meaning arguments over who pays for a meal at a restaurant.

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Created by: Studio Ochenta
Started: December 10th, 2021
Status: Active, 53 episodes
Kind: Episodic
Language: English

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