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A lot of us are angry right now, with good reason. We’re seeing people treated unfairly because of racism — that’s when people don’t like someone’s race or the color of their skin.

In this episode we’ll talk about how anger can be a useful emotion and can be used to push for change. We’ll also revisit parts of our 2019 series on emotions, including an explanation of the hormones behind anger, why some of us are quicker to anger than others and what we can do when we feel overwhelmed by our feelings.

Plus, our Moment of Um tackles the question, “What happens when lightning strikes water?”

If you want to talk to your kids about race but don’t know where to start, we suggest reading this article (https://bit.ly/3eEss5k) by pediatricians Dr. Jacqueline Dougé, & Dr. Ashaunta Anderson or Talking to Kids About Race by Heather Greenwood Davis (https://on.natgeo.com/306a2Xe).

There are great books to help your family start a conversation about race. Here's a list from Embrace Race (https://bit.ly/2U1SvLV). Or try Brown Bookshelf's Generations Book Club (https://bit.ly/3gSljA3).

This episode is sponsored by Laurel Springs (laurelsprings.com/brainson) and KiwiCo (kiwico.com/brainson). You can support Brains On at brainson.org/donate.

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