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Episode one logo Episode One: Journey to the Top: Exploring Mount Fuji

This is an Episodic show. You can listen to it in any order, but episode one is always a great place to start.

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In this episode, hosts Asher and Kristen take you on a captivating journey into the world of the Mid Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival. Celebrated across Asia, this festival brings families together to appreciate the full moon’s beauty and give thanks.
The episode delves into the festival’s ancient origins, dating back to 771 BCE in China. While its exact beginnings remain a mystery, it became an established tradition during the Tang and Song dynasties. A beautiful legend tells the story of an archer named Houyi, his wife Chang, and a magical potion.
Listeners get a glimpse of diverse family traditions from friends like Pauline and Sunny, who share their unique ways of celebrating with mooncakes, lanterns, and Pomelo peels.
Kohta takes us to Japan, where “tsukimi” or moon viewing traditions have roots in China’s Mid Autumn Festival. Offerings to the moon, legends of moon bunnies, and delightful treats like “dango” are part of this enchanting celebration.
Asher and Kristen add their own insights, drawing connections between cultures and encouraging curiosity. Listeners are invited to create lanterns and moon-shaped cookies at home.
Stay tuned for a special giveaway celebrating “Culture Kids'” one-year anniversary and upcoming Halloween episodes in October.
Join Asher and Kristen as they celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, bridging cultures and fostering curiosity. Subscribe and connect on Instagram at @culturekidsmedia. Make a wish on the moon and stay curious!

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