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Episode one logoEpisode One: Journey to the Top: Exploring Mount Fuji

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In this episode, we’re joined once again by Mr. Justin Ahasteen, the Executive Director and Ambassador for the Navajo Nation Washington Office. This episode serves as part 2 of our series on Navajo Nation. If you haven’t listened to part 1 yet, please do so before tuning into this episode.

We dive into the world of Navajo jewelry, exploring the significance of turquoise, a sacred stone believed to bring happiness, luck, and good health. Mr. Ahasteen shares how Navajo silversmiths craft intricate pieces adorned with turquoise, embodying centuries of tradition and storytelling.

The conversation then shifts to Navajo clothing, where we discover the art of weaving sheep wool into intricate patterns and designs. From velvet skirts to rug dresses, each garment reflects the Navajo people’s connection to their land and heritage.

Mr. Ahasteen sheds light on the sacred ceremonies and rituals central to Navajo spiritual life. From Blessing Way ceremonies restoring harmony and balance to Enemy Way ceremonies addressing emotional conflicts, listeners gain insight into the profound healing traditions of the Navajo people.

We’re introduced to Navajo art, where sand paintings and pottery serve as expressions of cultural identity and reverence for the natural world. With every stroke of color and carved symbol, Navajo artists convey stories of creation, resilience, and connection to the land.

Throughout the episode, Mr. Ahasteen emphasizes the importance of supporting Navajo artists and artisans, encouraging listeners to explore Navajo culture and contribute to its preservation. From purchasing handmade jewelry to learning about Navajo mythology, there are countless ways to show appreciation for this community.

As the conversation concludes, we reflect on the lessons learned and the beauty discovered in our exploration of Navajo culture. Inspired by the resilience and creativity of the Navajo people, we encourage listeners to embrace diversity, celebrate heritage, and foster a deeper connection to the world around them.

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Radmilla Cody (Musician)


Sihasin (Musician)


Connor Chee (Classical pianist & composer)


To discover more Native American contemporary musicians:


Barbara Teller Ornelas (Rug Weaver)


Orlando Myerson (Sandpainter)


Navajo Rugs


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