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Oh boy oh boy! 

Hey, friends! It’s me—Count Vacula, starting off a brand-new season of No Filter with Count Vacula just for you!

My first guest is named Riley Black, and she has maybe the most fun job in the world. She’s a paleontologist, which means she studies dinosaurs! And Riley doesn’t just study them—she’s an explorer who hunts for fossils and dinosaur bones in the desert. 

Riley loves to learn all about the way the world was millions of years ago, and she also loves to teach other people about it, so she writes articles and books, and she even helped make the movie Jurassic World!

Riley and I have a lot in common, like, we both love dinosaurs (although her neighborhood doesn’t have a Princess dinosaur like mine does), and we both love to taste rocks! Riley does it to help her know what kind of rock it is, and I do it just because I think they’re delicious. (But you should be careful to not lick any rocks unless you ask your grown-ups first.)

Riley talked to me about her favorite dinosaur (Allosaurus!), and about how she loves to be kind to her dog, and she also told me a terrific made-up story about why werewolves love fireworks. I really liked meeting Riley, and I think you’ll like meeting her too! 

I’ll be back soon with more new friends for you to meet, and I hope you’ve been making some fun new friends of your own! You can write in and tell me all about it, or just let me know, how were you kind today?

See you soon!

Your pal,


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