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Created by: ABF Creative

USA 6-1011+

Started: January 20th, 2022

Status: Active, 18 episodes

Kind: Story (start at episode one)

Language: English

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ABF Creative

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Recent Episodes

Adventures in Family Values | 4
00:14:08 | Season: 2 |Episode: 4 | September 28th, 2022

Cairo and his family prepare for a weekend visit from their eccentric grandparent, Grandpa Carter. While his wise-cracking jokes keep the family laughing, Cairo finds it difficult to relate to his grandpa because of their age difference. In time, Cairo soon learns the value of respecting his elders and opening up to their wisdom.

Adventures in Cyberbullying | 3
00:12:09 | Season: 2 |Episode: 3 | September 21st, 2022

When Theo’s mother surprises him with an extra gaming headset, he invites Cairo over to play their favorite video game, Blockhead! The boys have a blast in the virtual world together… that is, until they run across some unpleasant players. In the end, Cairo and Theo must learn how to safely play online and deal with cyberbullying.

Adventures in Responsibility | 2
00:13:22 | Season: 2 |Episode: 2 | September 14th, 2022

It’s Cairo’s turn to take care of the school pet, Percy the Parrot, and he couldn’t be more excited! When Cairo brings the parrot home, he’s faced with great responsibility and tries to rise to the occasion. Cairo has to feed Percy, clean up after him, and even cut his video game time short to make sure Percy is well looked after. Will Cairo return the pet back to school without ruffling any feathers??

Adventures in Travel | 1
00:13:01 | Season: 2 |Episode: 1 | September 7th, 2022

The Carter house is venturing into a fun filled summer vacation that Mike has spent months mapping out, but, after hearing what his friends have planned, all Cairo can think about is what he’ll be missing out on back home. Cairo struggles to have fun with his parents and brother, Omari, until he finally starts to learn about the importance of spending quality time with his family.

More Adventures to Come: Season 2
00:02:12 | Season: 2 | August 30th, 2022

Cairo is back and ready for a whole new set of adventures. In Season 2, Cairo goes on a summer vacation where he learns to appreciate the importance of quality time with his family. Then it’s back to school, where Cairo and his friends learn how to deal with online bullies, face their fears about public speaking and even find creative solutions to their Halloween costume dilemmas.

Adventures in Kindness | 12
00:12:46 |Episode: 12 | April 19th, 2022

It’s the end of year, and the students at Cairo’s school are asked to vote for their big class outing. Cairo and Theo REALLY want to go to the picnic with the fireworks show, but Enrique prefers the petting zoo. Cairo and Theo desperately try to change Enrique’s mind, but they end up making him upset. Mandy steps in to teach them a lesson about kindness.

Adventures in Rules | 11
00:12:19 |Episode: 11 | April 12th, 2022

The horror movie Scary Surprise is airing on TV tonight, and all of Cairo’s friends will be watching. Cairo doesn’t want to miss out! But when his parents ban him from watching the movie because it’s too grown-up, Cairo tries to figure out a way to sneak around their rules…

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Created by: ABF Creative
Started: January 20th, 2022
Status: Active, 18 episodes
Kind: Story (start at episode one)
Language: English

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