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Created by: ABF Creative

USA 6-1011+

Started: January 20th, 2022

Status: Active, 29 episodes

Kind: Story (start at episode one)

Language: English

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ABF Creative

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Adventures in Integrity (Encore) | 15
00:15:31 | Season: 2 |Episode: 15 | January 18th, 2023

Cairo is excited to meet and play with his new neighbor, Amara. But when a necklace goes missing from Amara’s home, her mother makes the wrong assumption that Cairo and his friends stole it. Can Cairo help find the necklace and clear his name?

Adventures in Girlville (Encore) | 14
00:11:48 | Season: 2 |Episode: 14 | January 4th, 2023

Cairo really likes his new classmate Irene – she’s the best at make believe, and he really wants to be her friend! He asks Theo and Mandy for tips on how to stand out and be ‘cool’, but nothing seems to go right. But when Cairo’s big brother Omari weighs in with some advice about the power of being yourself, Cairo decides to use his new super power the next day at school.

Holiday Special: Adventures in Sharing (Encore) | 13
00:12:42 | Season: 2 |Episode: 13 | December 21st, 2022

‘Tis the season of giving! There’s a winter clothing drive at school, and Cairo and his friends discover that it’s harder to part with their things than they thought! When Cairo agrees to participate in the drive to help win a special prize for class participation, his parents explain why giving back to those less fortunate is important.

Adventures in Big Brotherhood | 12
00:12:03 | Season: 2 |Episode: 12 | November 23rd, 2022

Cairo’s family is about to grow and he’s not sure he’s ready to lose his spot as the youngest Carter. As Cairo worries about the new baby on the way, he turns to his friends for advice. Having a younger sibling won’t be easy, so he’ll need all the help he can get.

Adventures in Adaptability | 11
00:12:27 | Season: 2 |Episode: 11 | November 16th, 2022

Cairo and his classmates can’t wait to decorate their classroom for the season. But there’s just one problem: a substitute shows up instead of their teacher, Mrs. King! With their holiday event postponed, Cairo and his friends will have to learn to embrace new traditions to keep everything merry and bright at school.

Adventures in Gratitude | 10
00:11:39 | Season: 2 |Episode: 10 | November 9th, 2022

Cairo and his friends are cast in a school play, but Mandy finds herself too nervous to perform in front of an audience. After being given the most lines, Mandy can’t help but be ungrateful for the opportunity. If Mandy plans on tackling her stage fright, she’ll have to change her perspective and search for the confidence to speak publicly.

Adventures in Determination | 9
00:11:54 | Season: 2 |Episode: 9 | November 2nd, 2022

Cairo has always been a superstar swimmer. After he earns another medal, he decides to try out for the Starfish Swimming Team. But when he sees the strong competitors he’s up against, Cairo grows anxious about tryouts. Cairo’s family and friends will have to lend their support in order to get him in a winning mindset.

Adventures in Brotherly Love | 8
00:14:28 | Season: 2 |Episode: 8 | October 26th, 2022

Cairo is looking forward to spending some time with his big brother this weekend but is shocked to find Omari at home with his new girlfriend, Lola. Omari and Lola attempt to spend time with Cairo, but he can’t help feeling left out. Before Cairo can welcome the addition of Lola in Omari’s life, he’ll have to accept that no one can break their brotherly bond.

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Created by: ABF Creative
Started: January 20th, 2022
Status: Active, 29 episodes
Kind: Story (start at episode one)
Language: English

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