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Created by: ABF Creative

USA 6-1011+

Started: February 1st, 2022

Status: Active, 42 episodes

Kind: Story (start at episode one)

Language: English

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Wedding on the Waves | 14
00:11:18 | Season: 3 | Episode: 14 | May 24th, 2023

Cairo sets sail on a family cruise for Grandpa Carter’s wedding, but he hits choppy waters when he loses his special Carter Family Pin. With the ship as his playground, Cairo sets off on a frantic search, leaving chaos in his wake. Will he find the pin and fix his mishap before the big day? 

Camp Champs | 13
00:11:48 | Season: 3 | Episode: 13 | May 17th, 2023

Cairo and his friends are hitting the great outdoors on a camping trip like no other. But their adventure takes an unexpected turn when they stumble upon an exclusive camping club that doesn’t believe they have what it takes to be true campers. From casting lines to pitching tents, these camping champs are ready to show off their skills and prove they belong. But when they face a few unexpected challenges along the way, will they be able to stay the course and come out on top?

Mother Mayhem | 12
00:09:27 | Season: 3 | Episode: 12 | May 10th, 2023

It’s time to celebrate Mother’s Day! Cairo is determined to show his mom how much he loves her, but his grand plans for the perfect day may be more than Ebony bargained for. As Cairo’s attempts at pampering his mom start to spiral out of control, he realizes that he may have overlooked one crucial detail: Ebony just wants some alone time to relax. Will Cairo’s efforts to show his love end up causing more stress than peace for his mom? 

Captain Competition | 11
00:11:14 | Season: 3 | Episode: 11 | May 3rd, 2023

Get ready for an epic swim-off in the Starfish Swim Team! Cairo is beyond thrilled to dive into the race for team captain, but there’s just one tiny problem: Kev, the notorious bully of the town, has also joined the team, and he’s a total swimming sensation! But, Cairo isn’t one to back down from a challenge. With his team spirit and determination, he plunges headfirst into the competition. Will Cairo’s impressive sportsmanship outshine Kev’s flashy moves?

Thrown for a Super Looper | 10
00:12:18 | Season: 3 | Episode: 10 | April 26th, 2023

Cairo and his classmates embark on a field trip to the amusement park with Grandpa Carter as their chaperone! The pressure is on as Cairo sets his sights on winning a spot on the coveted Daredevil Wall, but he’ll need the perfect partner to conquer every ride. Lucky for him, Mandy is up for the challenge, until things take a turn for the worse. Cairo must navigate the ups and downs of friendship and learn the importance of respecting boundaries in this thrilling ride through the amusement park.

New Pal Problems | 9
00:11:31 | Season: 3 | Episode: 9 | April 19th, 2023

Cairo is excited to make a new friend when he meets Lia, the latest addition to the classroom, who happens to have autism. However, Cairo’s lack of understanding of Lia’s condition leads to some awkward moments. Lia’s unique way of experiencing the world affects her routines, and Cairo struggles to comprehend it. Will Cairo learn to be a true friend and accommodate Lia’s needs, or will their differences drive them apart?

Adventures in Responsibility (Encore) | 8
00:13:12 | Season: 3 | Episode: 8 | April 5th, 2023

It’s Cairo’s turn to take care of the school pet, Percy the Parrot, and he couldn’t be more excited! When Cairo brings the parrot home, he’s faced with great responsibility and tries to rise to the occasion. Cairo has to feed Percy, clean up after him, and even cut his video game time short to make sure Percy is well looked after. Will Cairo return the pet back to school without ruffling any feathers??

Best Friend Blues | 7
00:09:53 | Season: 3 | Episode: 7 | March 22nd, 2023

Cairo’s school day is going great until Theo drops a bombshell: he’s moving away! Desperate to keep him close, Cairo rallies his friends to find a solution. They’ll need to get creative if they want to keep Theo from leaving. But as they race against time, they quickly find out that some things are beyond their control.

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Created by: ABF Creative
Started: February 1st, 2022
Status: Active, 42 episodes
Kind: Story (start at episode one)
Language: English

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