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On this episode of The Middle School Mind podcast, Son’s friend, TB, is back to talk about video games nobody plays anymore. These are games that Son and TB have played in the past and the two discuss the replayability, graphics and why these games should get another look.

  • Unravel 2 (2018) – sequel to the original Unravel. It’s a puzzle game with little yarn people that Son and Father play together.
  • Minecraft Dungeons (2020) – it was great to play when it first came out during COVID. But the latest updates were more visual and didn’t enhance replayability. It just felt very repetitive. There’s no building or crafting which is different from the traditional, open-world Minecraft game.
  • The two explain “grinding” for all the baby-boomers.
  • Portal 2 (2011) – this game improves on the original Portal which has great use of imagination and physics. This game is relatively inexpensive and the two player function is fun to boobytrap and annoy your friends. The graphics are good for a 10+ year old game.
  • Brawlhalla (2014) – it’s like Walmart Great Value brand Super Smash Bros. It’s better than Smash Bros in some ways.
  • Job Simulator (2016) – it’s a fun game to get a newbie VR user accustomed to holding the controllers. TB had some controller issues when he tried playing Job Simulator. There are four basic jobs you can do in the game to try different challenges and learn new skills.
  • We play a game about video game trivia.

Thanks to TB for being a guest on our show again. Catch TB’s first appearance on the show when Son and TB talked about a school lunch menu overhaul. We will definitely have him back on for future episodes of The Middle School Mind!

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