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Quite recently, NASA launched its next set of missions named 'Artemis' – the Greek Goddess of the moon, to send people once again back to the moon.
The last time we set foot on the moon, astronauts went aboard the space shuttle Apollo, who is the twin of the Greek Goddess Artemis. NASA's current mission to the moon hopes to take off from where Apollo left off.
In this episode, with a vibrant 7-year old Advik from India, we explore how this mission is also expected to bring greater racial and gender diversity to the space missions.
Advik adds colour to why Artemis Mission I has had some technical glitches and when it is expected to take off next. More updates on this space mission will be posted on our Instagram page. Follow us there to get more updates.

Also, if you are keen on coming on this show and speaking about current events, just like Advik did, please follow us on our Instagram page to find details about our next set of selections for co-hosts.

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