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The world's richest man wants to let everyone have an equal say in the world. He wants everyone to share their ideas – no matter if they are Thanos or one of the Avengers. Elon Musk went ahead and bought a company Twitter to allow just that – all for all. No half measures.

In this episode, Mitansh from DPS Nagpur discusses the dash of 'spices' that Elon Musk has brought along. Rocked by a lot of loans to be paid off, Musk has begun firing most of the staff. Mitansh describes what he thinks of this maverick entrepreneur and his opinions about whether Twitter will likely survive.

If you are a child (aged 6-17) and would like to feature on this show, follow us on Instagram to find out about how you can be a part of this show. Write to us with your thoughts or comments at hello@wsnt.in.

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