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From “Financially Inclined”: How to make the workforce work for you
00:16:06 | February 7th, 2024

Hey Million Bazillionaires! Bridget and Ryan are working on new episodes for our upcoming brand new season. In the meantime, we’re getting a lot of notes from our listeners asking about different types of jobs and how to get them. We’ve talked before about why kids under a certain age generally don’t have jobs. But for our listeners who still have questions, we’re turning to our friends at Marketplace’s podcast about money for young people, Financially Inclined. Here’s how host Yanely Espinal answered that question, plus extra tips on how to do well in the workplace.

From our friends at “Financially Inclined”: How to save money
00:21:29 | November 21st, 2023

Saving money might sound like a chore, but Yanely Espinal and Berna Anat are here to remind you that saving money can help you afford more of what you want, and you can have fun along the way!

What’s up with those claw machines?
00:27:34 | Season: 5 | Episode: 6 | October 17th, 2023

It’s our last episode of the season, Million Bazillionaires! And we’re answering Maddox’s question about what happens to your quarter when you put it inside a claw machine. It just zips away! Ryan and Bridget talk to an expert who lets them peek inside a claw machine to find out where that quarter goes. After getting some tips on how to win at the claw, Bridget gets a little too hung up on trying to win a stuffie, leaving it up to Ryan to bring her back to reality (shocking, we know).

Who sets the price of rent?
00:30:52 | Season: 5 | Episode: 5 | October 10th, 2023

It’s board game night and Ryan and Bridget are also planning to answer Amala’s question about the price of rent. She wants to know who sets it. Luckily for everyone, Bridget happens to have handy her version of “Real Estate-Opoloy.” It’s the classic board game about renting and buying that’s inspired family fights and feuds for generations. But before they can get started, the duo are sucked into the game. While they try to figure out a way out, they’ll learn the answer to Amala’s question and a whole lot more about renting and owning a home.

Presenting “The Ten News: Operation Climate Conservation” ♻️
00:23:17 | October 3rd, 2023

“Ten News” Road Trip Remix: Grab your AirPods, favorite pair of tennis shoes, and hop outside, Ten’ers. Today’s episode is meant for a long walk or bike ride as we learn about ways to be more climate friendly. Let’s start with “Nature Nerds’” Laine Farber’s take on reducing your carbon footprint. Oh, we can’t forget Laine’s rundown of potty training cows. And last, but certainly not least, we’re talking futuristic farming and revisiting Garrison Harward at his aquaponics farm in Brooklyn!

Ponzi schemes, tricks and scams!
00:28:31 | Season: 5 | Episode: 4 | September 26th, 2023

Listener Kaitlyn was talking to her dad about investments and things strayed into the world of Ponzi schemes. Kaitlyn’s wondering what they are and how they work — good question! Bridget and Ryan want to answer Katilyn’s question but the topic conjures up some bad memories for Ryan. Luckily they get some help from Brenda Hammer, lead investigator from Bridget’s favorite show, “Scam Slammers!” Brenda uses her expertise and investigative skills to help Ryan pick out where he went wrong in the past and give some good tips for avoiding scams our listeners (even young ones!) might encounter in their everyday lives.

Introducing: PBS Kids’ “Jamming on the Job”
00:01:38 | September 21st, 2023

“Jamming on the Job” is a multigenerational, music-inspired podcast for kids ages 4 to 8 and their parents and caregivers. It stars Christina Sanabria and Andrés Salguero, the Latin Grammy Award-winning kids’ music duo known as 123 Andrés. Join Christina and Andrés as they tour the country and perform songs about the world of work. At each place they go, they meet a grownup with a different kind of job who helps them along their way. As Christina and Andrés learn about the new and inspiring career of the day and the skills needed to succeed in that job, they compose an original song about it with help from their Magic Beatmaster Boombox, voiced by Grammy Award-nominated musician Pierce Freelon. In addition to exposing kids to a wide variety of career paths, each episode will highlight foundational skills relevant to each job, such as empathy, social problem-solving and responsibility as well as flexible thinking, impulse control and persistence.

Why do some jobs get tips but not others? 
00:27:00 | Season: 5 | Episode: 3 | September 19th, 2023

In our previous episode, Bridget promised Ryan she’d take him to Happy Land Theme Park and Resort. And Bridget keeps her promises! It’s the perfect place to answer Henry’s question. He wants to know why some jobs get tips and others don’t. This proves to be a tricky one to answer, as Ryan and Bridget soon find out. They enlist the help of Happy Land Founder, Mort Bisby. Inside Mort’s hidden lair, they’ll learn some tips on well… tipping.

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