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Becoming Mother Nature

When Chloe is sent off to live with her mysterious and eccentric grandmother she learns an unbelievable secret. Grandma Ivy is none other than Mother Nature herself! And Chloe is next in line to assume to the power and responsibility of the job. Can a twelve-year old learn to balance the entire world’s ecosystem while just trying to fit in at her new school? Only Mother Nature knows.

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Episode 38: The Dark
00:22:47 |Episode: 43 | October 4th, 2022

Many of us are scared of the dark, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? This fear might actually serve a larger purpose intended to keep us safe. Through history, our own evolution, and the influence on our own social perceptions, we will discuss our complicated relationship with the dark on this episode of Unspookable. 

S7E1 – All About Athena (and Pallas)
00:21:40 | Season: 7 |Episode: 1 | September 30th, 2022

Oh Muses! In this episode we talk all about Athena. And also a little about Pallas. We encounter some light cannibalism, cheating in a competition, a salty god, prophecies concerning babies, and the death of a close friend.
National Geographic Kids Greeking Out is a kid-friendly retelling of some of the best stories from Greek mythology. This podcast is an extension of the Zeus the Mighty series by Nat Geo Kids. Check Out bit.ly/ZeusOut to meet Zeus the Hamster and his friends—Athena the cat, Ares the pug, Demeter the grasshopper, and many more—who also listen to the Greeking Out podcast. Watch a video, read an excerpt, or check out the truth behind the stories!

Episode 37: A Glitch in the Matrix
00:18:02 |Episode: 42 | September 27th, 2022

What is reality? Are we living in a simulation? Big questions, right? This season Unspookable is listening to your suggestions on some truly mind blowing topics inspired from games, TikTok, and beyond.  We’re digging into quantum physics, philosophy, dreams, and more this week as we set out to answer the question “What is a glitch in the matrix?” 

Studio Ochenta Presents: Mija Música! 
07:42 | Season: 1 | September 27th, 2022

If you enjoyed Cultureverse, you’ll love Mija Podcast, an audio drama that tells immigrant stories from around the world through immersive sound design. The show is available in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic versions and is recommended by Common Sense Media for kids and families!

Season 7 Trailer
00:00:49 | Season: 7 | September 16th, 2022

October is just around the corner, but it turns out… October is too long for us to wait as well!

Persephone 10: When You Return, Everything Will Bloom Again
18:24 | Season: 2 |Episode: 10 | June 28th, 2022

Never before has the Earth faced a challenge like this. Half the year with no harvest means half the year without food. Together, Persephone and Demeter must find a way to save humanity, and maybe learn a bit more about each other along the way.

Persephone 9: Six Pomegranate Seeds
20:43 | Season: 2 |Episode: 9 | June 21st, 2022

Demeter is overjoyed when Persephone returns, but horrified to learn that her daughter has eaten the food of the underworld. When the two goddesses finally agree to meet  Zeus, they must all come to terms with how their lives will be forever changed.

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