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Interview with boxer Anthony Joshua and a Wooly Tank!
00:22:49 | April 19th, 2024

This week we hear all about a giant wooly tank, hear an exclusive interview with boxer Anthony Joshua, and learn about a climate change victory in Sweden!

Pogo Sticks vs. Unicycles: a playful debate
00:32:29 | April 18th, 2024

Today’s debate will have you rolling, laughing and bouncing with joy. Grab your knee pads and helmet, because it’s pogo sticks versus unicycles! Actor, writer and improvisor Sean Holloway is ready to roll out for team unicycles, while piano player and extreme pogo sticker Nick Ryan is here to stick up for team pogo sticks! Who will win? Pogo sticks or unicycles? Head on over to smashboom.org and vote to tell us who YOU think won!

2 Nice 2 Handle: A Smarty Pass Sneak peek
00:01:35 | April 16th, 2024

It’s a good old-fashioned compliment-off! Producers Rosie duPont and Ruby Gutherie are SURE they’ve got what it takes to say the nicest thing to one another. But only one can be the kindest. Grab your Smarty Pass to hear: 2 Nice 2 Handle!

Ask LISA – The Turing Test
00:18:47 | April 16th, 2024

Can you figure out who’s lying about the Turing test?

The Man who Ran the Length of Africa
00:18:35 | April 12th, 2024

This Week we talk about the man who ran the length of Africa, how best to relieve feelings of anger and also have a debate about snake meat!

Sand vs. Grass: an earthy debate
00:33:34 | April 11th, 2024

oday’s debate is a brawl between two terrestrial titans. A gritty gladiator versus a plucky plant. It’s Sand vs. Grass! In one corner, we’ve got editor and Brains On! co-creator Sanden Totten ready to grind it out for team Sand! And standing tall for team Grass is actor, voice artist, and improviser Billy Soco. Who will be crowned the Smash Boom Best? Head on over to smashboom.org and vote to tell us who YOU think won!

Primordial Soup
00:17:58 | April 9th, 2024

Can you figure out who’s lying about primordial soup?

Musical Cambodian car horns
00:19:09 | April 4th, 2024

The rediscovery of a Javan tiger, an inspiring mural at Birmingham airport, and a record-breaking window cleaner are all in this week’s Week Junior Show!

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