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Earth Rangers Underground – The Rise and Fall of Saul
00:15:52 | Season: 7 | July 16th, 2024

Introducing Earth Rangers Underground!

Earth Rangers Underground – Welcome to ERHQ
00:17:24 | Season: 7 | July 9th, 2024

Introducing Earth Rangers Underground!

Earth Rangers Underground – Meet the Earth Rangers
00:15:05 | Season: 7 | July 2nd, 2024

Introducing Earth Rangers Underground!

Introducing: Discovering Dad
00:01:13 | June 17th, 2024

From the creators of Six Minutes comes Discovering Dad. 

S7 E8: Hybrid Animals
00:11:25 | Season: 7 | Episode: 8 | May 30th, 2024

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a tiger with a shark? Nope that’s not what a tiger shark is.  Today, I’m exploring the mystery of hybrid animals. Animals whose parents are members of different species. We’re not talking Griffons, which are half Eagle, half lion, but there are some hybrid animals out there that are quite real. Check it out! ——————————— Are you a card-carrying Earth Rangers member yet? Make sure to sign up for the FREE App today to get your membership card in the mail! Get it here! https://www.earthrangers.com/EN/CA/get-the-app/ And don’t forget to use the code “EMMA” in the App to unlock 25 bonus points. ——————————— Earth Rangers is a registered charity and the App is always free to use. For more information visit www.earthrangers.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Ep 85 – Young Environmental Awards 2024
0:24:14 | May 30th, 2024

We went along to Eco-Unesco’s annual, all-Ireland awards programme that recognizes and rewards young people who raise environmental awareness and improve the environment. And what a huge variety of work we found!

S7 E7: Insect-o-vison
00:12:41 | Season: 7 | Episode: 7 | May 23rd, 2024

Welcome to the multi-faceted world of insect’s vision. Today’s bug-eyed mystery is this: What does the world look like to a fly? How about a bee, or a butterfly? Buzz on over to tune in and find out!

S7 E6: Animal Intelligence 🦁🐸🐥🤓
00:12:13 | Season: 7 | Episode: 6 | May 17th, 2024

Everyone is always talking about AI these days. I can only assume that it stands for Animal Intelligence… Which is what led me to today’s big question: “What’s the smartest animal in the world?” Sharpen your ears and your pencils, listeners – we’re about to take an Animal Intelligence test. 

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