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S7E4: The Wagging Tail Society
00:21:16 | Season: 7 | Episode: 4 | February 20th, 2024

Strange symbols start appearing around Bark Street, all pointing to a secret called the “Wagging Tail.” What does it all mean? Is it a secret society? And if so, how do Snoop and Sniffy join?!

S11E7 – Bobby Wonder: Best Frenemies Forever, Part 2
00:19:34 | Season: 11 | Episode: 7 | February 19th, 2024

Mighty Mila and Lucy Wow’s BFF team-up continues as Bobby Wonder and Grabstack get to the bottom of this unlikely girlpowered pair up. BFFs forever… or not.

S3E10: Tug-of-War
00:07:54 | Season: 3 | Episode: 10 | February 19th, 2024

Clementine Holiday gears up for International Tug-of-War Day, a fiercely competitive family tradition where she and her mom challenge Dad and Corey for a coveted day off and a grand trophy.

S3E9: Sunny With a Chance of Winter
00:06:27 | Season: 3 | Episode: 9 | February 17th, 2024

In the heartwarming episode, Clementine Holiday navigates the quirky traditions and anxious hopes of her Chicago family on Groundhog Day, eager to escape the city’s notorious winter chill.

Shelly & The Can-Do Kids – MARGARITA (friend issues)
31:59 | Season: 2 | Episode: 2 | February 16th, 2024

Margarita has had a disagreement with her best friend Lina. It’s about a collaborative project; artistic differences (well, we’ve all been there) and Margarita doesn’t know what to do.  Her emotions are all in a spin. Arguing with friends feels so hard. Shelly steps in to offer her advice, but it soon becomes clear that she has unresolved friendship issues of her own. Can they both find a way to restore harmony in their friendships? How do you make peace after an argument? Can you still be friends if you disagree? Listen to find out. 

S3E8: Girls Run the World
00:07:27 | Season: 3 | Episode: 8 | February 15th, 2024

Join Clementine Holiday as she celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a day recognized by the United Nations to promote equal access and participation in STEM fields. Clementine highlights the achievements of trailblazing women like aerospace engineer Tierra Fletcher, the first female medical school graduate Elizabeth Blackwell, astronaut Mae Jemison, Nobel Prize winners Marie Curie and Gertrude Elion, and encourages young listeners to explore organizations like Girls Who Code and STEM Like a Girl.

S3E7: Happy Valentine’s Day!
00:06:53 | Season: 3 | Episode: 7 | February 14th, 2024

This Valentine’s Day, join Clementine Holiday for a heart-fluttering episode as she navigates the highs and lows of the season of love. From dodging her teasing brother Corey’s chants about her and Everett, to dreading the school dance without a Valentine, Clem’s day is full of surprises. Tune in for a tale of friendship, family antics, and the excitement of young love, all wrapped up in the most unexpected Valentine’s Day celebration at Party Central.

S7E3: Beyond Bark Street
00:19:27 | Season: 7 | Episode: 3 | February 13th, 2024

Echoes from across town strike fear into the residents of Bark Street. Snoop and Sniffy must step off of Bark Street and into an unknown part of town to discover what is causing these echoes.

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