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Becoming Mother Nature

When Chloe is sent off to live with her mysterious and eccentric grandmother she learns an unbelievable secret. Grandma Ivy is none other than Mother Nature herself! And Chloe is next in line to assume to the power and responsibility of the job. Can a twelve-year old learn to balance the entire world’s ecosystem while just trying to fit in at her new school? Only Mother Nature knows.

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Mija Música: La danza
10:16 | October 5th, 2022

In this episode, Gavilán shares the very particular style in which Colombian cumbia is danced in Monterrey. He also speaks to his abuela Yoya, who tells him how she met abuelo Lolo, back when he was an adventurous young man. 

S1 E3: What Should I Buy?
00:09:33 | Season: 1 |Episode: 3 | October 3rd, 2022

Jess calls the Chief Production Officer of GZM Shows to ask…what equipment do I need?

5 Things to Know About September 30
00:16:09 | September 30th, 2022

Welcome to the 4th season of the Warrior Kids Podcast! We are so excited to be back for another season!

Mija Música: El acordeón
8:30 | Season: 4 |Episode: 3 | September 28th, 2022

In this episode, Gavilán catches up with a childhood friend, and accordionist named Paloma. She grew up listening to norteña music, and tells the story of how Lolo introduced her to vallenato, a musical style that found a new home in Monterrey, a city that already boasted a passion for the accordion.

S1 E2: How Do I Start?
00:05:04 | Season: 1 |Episode: 2 | September 26th, 2022

Jess calls the Chief Creative Officer of GZM Shows to ask…how should she start?

11 Must-have Tips for Kids who Want to Write Books
28:15 | Season: 1 |Episode: 14 | September 21st, 2022

Welcome to a special edition of the Mini Taco Podcast with Elodie, Liv and Ken.

Mija Música: El ritmo
7:58 |Episode: 2 | September 21st, 2022

In this episode, Gavilán wants to learn more about his abuelo, so he meets El Guacho, a vallenato musician and very close friend of Lolo’s. El Guacho tells him the story of the two rhythm instruments of cumbia and vallenato: the caja and the guacharaca, and how so many rhythms, and even a rather fortunate accident, trace their roots to these two sounds. 

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