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Becoming Mother Nature

When Chloe is sent off to live with her mysterious and eccentric grandmother she learns an unbelievable secret. Grandma Ivy is none other than Mother Nature herself! And Chloe is next in line to assume to the power and responsibility of the job. Can a twelve-year old learn to balance the entire world’s ecosystem while just trying to fit in at her new school? Only Mother Nature knows.

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S4 Ep 11: The Empress Strikes Back, Part 2
00:32:38 | Season: 4 | September 24th, 2022

In the second of the three-part season four finale, Tara forms an unexpected alliance against a powerful enemy, while the fate of her friends on board the UXB hangs in the balance.

S6E2 – Bobby Wonder: Emergency at the Snow Cone Hut
00:13:22 | Season: 6 | September 19th, 2022

Mighty Mila transformed into a giant hairdryer on the hottest day of the year. Will she melt every snow cone in Pflugerville?! Bobby Wonder to the rescue!

Red Panda Chronicles 10 – The Middleman part 2 of 2
16:17 | Season: 17 |Episode: 20 | September 17th, 2022

Spend the Summer with Decoder Ring Theatre as we present some new short stories about old friends.  

S4 Ep 10: The Empress Strikes Back, Part 1
00:31:55 | Season: 4 | September 17th, 2022

In the first of the three-part season four finale, Tara uses the power of Psyonn to infiltrate Tremendous Boy’s mind, while time has run out for her friends on the UXB. Meanwhile, the Empress makes a game-changing revelation.

S2E33 – Grabstack Radio Show: Listener Mailbag
00:06:46 | September 9th, 2022

Has Grabstack ever been out of Pflugerville? Does he drink coffee? Why does Grabstack love socks so much? Tune in to find out the answer to some amazing questions with Bobby Wonder’s tremendously talented sidekick Grabstack! Thanks to listeners Saskia, Xavier, and Ella for the great questions!

Red Panda Chronicles 10 – The Middleman part 1 of 2
15:08 | Season: 17 |Episode: 19 | September 5th, 2022

Spend the Summer with Decoder Ring Theatre as we present some new short stories about old friends.  

S6E1 – Bobby Wonder: Socks!
00:14:26 | Season: 6 | September 5th, 2022

When Grabstack decides to open a sock store on Pflugerville’s Main Street he encounters one challenge after another. But he will prevail! Unless Mighty Mila shows up that is.

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